ExtraHop® Now Supports Amazon Security Lake to Centralize Security Data on AWS

New integration gives teams easy access to AI-based network intelligence to accelerate threat detection, investigation, and response

SEATTLE – May 30, 2023 – ExtraHop, a leader in cloud-native network detection and response NDR, today announced support for Amazon Security Lake from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The offering will allow customers to share network insights from Reveal(x) 360, the ExtraHop NDR platform, on AWS from cloud, on-premises, and custom sources into a purpose-built data lake stored in their account. 

According to an ExtraHop report, 67% of IT and cybersecurity professionals experience friction in the cloud, including visibility and coverage gaps. Amazon Security Lake helps to overcome these challenges by automatically centralizing security data from disparate sources into a purpose-built data lake, allowing customers to store, analyze, and query insights from any environment, application, or solution at petabyte scale. 

When integrated with Amazon Security Lake, ExtraHop securely feeds detections identified on the network to the customer’s Amazon Security Lake. Customers who subscribe to Amazon Security Lake can access and take action with ExtraHop data, as well as data from other sources in Amazon Security Lake, for faster threat detection, investigation, and response.

“Our long-term relationship with AWS has provided organizations with significant advantages over the years as they realize the tremendous value derived from network intelligence in cloud environments,” said Raja Mukerji, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, ExtraHop. “This new integration with Amazon Security Lake is the next natural step in our relationship. ExtraHop customers on AWS now gain complete end-to-end visibility, streamlined investigations, and immediate value by integrating their network insights with best-of-breed endpoint and log sources.”

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