Texas Water District Sidestepped SUNBURST and Enhances Cybersecurity with ExtraHop

Tarrant Regional Water District turned to Reveal(x) to update and scale their cybersecurity program

SEATTLE – JULY 27, 2021 – ExtraHop, the leader in cloud-native network detection and response (NDR), today announced that Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) is using ExtraHop Reveal(x) to update their cybersecurity across their organization, proactively reduce risk, and ultimately protect their critical infrastructure with advanced threat detection, investigation, and response.

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure have been on the rise in 2021 and TRWD knew they had to focus on cybersecurity or they could be the next victim of attack. The Water District, which provides water to more than 2.1 million people across eleven counties in North Texas, lacked the resources for robust network visibility and had no dedicated in-house security team. The security program needed an overhaul as the team only had a view into basic information and physical network locations across the organization's complex and dispersed infrastructure. The Tarrant Regional leadership team decided to make security a priority and the team quickly implemented and scaled ExtraHop Reveal(x).

The new system was immediately put to the test when the SolarWinds SUNBURST attack was revealed. The TRWD team was able to use Reveal(x) to look back through their DNS archives to see if they were impacted. A key differentiator for Reveal(x) is its ability to maintain records for 90 days, giving the team confidence that they weren't compromised.

"We've been able to implement all the necessary controls, and I leverage Reveal(x) to prove compliance with cybersecurity mandates," said Adam Boldin, Network Architect, Tarrant Regional Water District. "Reveal(x) really saves our hide when it comes to identifying potential incidents or a vulnerability—it just helps me sleep better!"

"Tarrant Regional Water District and others like them make up a critical part of our national infrastructure—our water supply," said Raja Mukerji, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at ExtraHop. "Today's cyber criminals don't care about the impact of their actions and have made critical infrastructure a top target for their advanced threats. TRWD's small network team turned to ExtraHop Reveal(x) when it really mattered. Now they have robust network visibility across their entire infrastructure."

The ExtraHop Reveal(x) platform uses the power of cloud intelligence to help security teams eliminate blind spots and detect threats other tools miss. Built on cloud-scale AI, Reveal(x) decrypts and analyzes all network and cloud traffic in real time to expose advanced threats like supply chain attacks, zero days, and APTs. Indexed records and a streamlined investigation workflow enable users to investigate and quickly remediate threat activity.

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