ExtraHop Enables Enterprise-Level Security at Litehouse Foods with Reveal(x)

SEATTLE – JUNE 5, 2020 – ExtraHop, the leader in cloud-native network detection and response, today announced that Litehouse Foods is using ExtraHop® Reveal(x)™ to scale their IT and security operations to meet the demands of their company growth. With Reveal(x) Litehouse has increased both collaboration and efficiency across teams, reducing false positives by as much as 50 percent.

Started as a family restaurant more than 50 years ago, Litehouse Foods has grown to become a national producer of salad dressings, dips, cheeses, dried herbs, and apple ciders. As the company has grown through a combination of product development, market expansion, and acquisition, their IT complexity has increased, and so have security requirements. In order to allow for continued expansion, they sought a security solution that would provide deep network visibility as well as detection and response, keeping their teams focused on the most critical issues and aligned on priorities.

When Litehouse added network detection and response (NDR) from Reveal(x), they gained visibility across all of their network traffic, from their data center to the many IoT devices used in their business operations. With its intuitive user interface and shareable dashboards, Reveal(x) makes it easy to share data across teams, as well as provide important insights for business leaders about the performance and security of their operations.

"One of the things that quickly became apparent was that we didn't really know what was going on behind the scenes on our own network," says Ben Budge, systems administrator for Litehouse. "With Reveal(x), we were able to see what the network and our business apps were doing almost immediately. It was eye-opening."

A detailed case study of the implementation of ExtraHop Reveal(x) at Litehouse Foods is available here.

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ExtraHop is on a mission to arm security teams to confront active threats and stop breaches. Our Reveal(x) 360 platform, powered by cloud-scale AI, covertly decrypts and analyzes all cloud and network traffic in real time to eliminate blind spots and detect threats that other tools miss. Sophisticated machine learning models are applied to petabytes of telemetry collected continuously, helping ExtraHop customers to identify suspicious behavior and secure over 15 million IT assets, 2 million POS systems, and 50 million patient records. ExtraHop is a market share leader in network detection and response with 30 recent industry awards including Forbes AI 50, Cybercrime Ransomware 25, and SC Media Security Innovator.

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