ExtraHop Executives to Speak About Enterprise Security, Decryption, and Privacy at RSA Conference 2020

ExtraHop To Host Networking Event and Panel Discussion Featuring Wired's Brian Barrett and Security Expert Mikko Hyppönen

SEATTLE – FEBRUARY 21, 2020 – At RSA Conference 2020 taking place February 24-28 in San Francisco, ExtraHop will present two sessions focused on critical cybersecurity issues facing organizations around the globe. ExtraHop co-founder and CTO Jesse Rothstein will be joined by Joshua Northrup of Fiserv for a presentation on the role of decryption in security. Jeff Costlow, CISO, and Matt Cauthorn, VP of Cybersecurity Engineering at ExtraHop will co-present a session on data exfiltration focused on the vendor practice of "phoning home" data. The company is also sponsoring an event at the headquarters of WIRED magazine featuring a panel discussion on security in the age of digital privacy.

RSA Conference 2020 attendees can also visit ExtraHop at Booth N-5564 to meet with company leaders and receive a live demo of Reveal(x).

ExtraHop RSA Conference 2020 Speaking Sessions


The Network Is Going Dark: Why Decryption Matters for SecOps * Speakers: Jesse Rothstein, Co-founder and CTO at ExtraHop & Joshua Northrup, Manager of Monitoring and Automation at Fiserv * Time: Wednesday, Feb. 26, 1:30 PM - 2:20 PM * Location: Moscone West * Session Details: Like it or not, TLS 1.3 is coming and will make network traffic opaque to inspection. This session will cover lessons learned from Fiserv's experience decrypting PFS-encrypted traffic and the various options available, including SSL fingerprinting, proxies and session-key forwarders installed on critical servers. Attendees will be able to formulate a strategy that works for their organization.

'Phoning Home' Impact on Enterprise Data, Security and Privacy * Speakers: Jeff Costlow, CISO at ExtraHop & Matt Cauthorn, VP of Cybersecurity Engineering at ExtraHop * Time: Wed., Feb. 26, 2:50 PM - 3:40 PM * Location: Moscone West * Session Details: Enterprises seldom know all the ways that vendors send data to their own environments. This lack of awareness can have profound implications. This session will cover four real-world examples of vendors phoning home data without the customer's authorization or knowledge, the security and regulatory implications of this activity, and the questions you should ask vendors about their data practices.

*WIRED* Event

Personal Privacy vs. Enterprise Security — Can We Have Both? * Speakers: Brian Barrett, Digital Director at Wired, Jesse Rothstein, CTO & Co-Founder at ExtraHop, and Mikko Hyppönen, CRO at F-Secure * Time: Wed., Feb. 26, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM * Location: WIRED Headquarters * Event Description: Modern encryption is stronger than ever, using battle-tested algorithms that are resistant to eavesdropping. But enterprise security managers fear they have lost the ability to detect network intrusions and malicious traffic. How do we find the right balance?

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