ExtraHop Predicts 2017 Trends in IT, Security, and DevOps

SEATTLE – January 11, 2017 – ExtraHop, the first and only provider of streaming analytics that transforms network data into actionable insight, today announced its top predictions for enterprise IT in 2017. Based on insight from customers, partners, and industry analysts and insiders, leaders at ExtraHop offer the following forecasts for IT in 2017:

IT Demands Situational Awareness. "IT monitoring is no longer just about performance. Simply delivering information about what's up, what's down, and who's talking isn't enough," said Arif Kareem, CEO. "In 2017, I expect to see significant market demand for platforms that can deliver broad and deep situational awareness for performance, availability, and security across the whole IT environment. This will require an ability to intelligently understand and evolve with the environment, as well as surface anomalies quickly."

IT Gets BI Savvy. "IT has infiltrated almost every facet of business, and in 2017, expect to see the tables turn as IT teams start to use BI tools for operational intelligence," said Jesse Rothstein, co-founder and CTO. "Although support for time-series data is still somewhat lacking, BI tools are getting better and better. As the lines blur between IT and business processes, the inevitable commingling of IT and business data will push the organization to adopt common tools for data exploration and analysis."

Selling the Digital Experience. "Technology is no longer how we sell, it's what we sell. This is true not only for hardware and software vendors, but for businesses across all verticals who are selling not just a product, but an accompanying digital experience," said John Matthews, CIO. "Research shows that IT professionals are increasingly viewed as the drivers of innovation in the enterprise. Because of this, IT will be shoved out of the back office and into the front office as companies look to increase top-line and bottom-line revenue, integrate systems, and mitigate risk."

The Rise of DDoS Attacks for Ransom. "2017 will be the year we see the first effective DDoS ransoms," said Jeff Costlow, Director of Security. "Ransomware is one of the fastest growing threats facing companies today with more than 4,000 attacks daily in 2016. We already have mirai source code and we know ransomware is big business. DDoS ransomware will grow stronger and more effective at knocking out individual entities. Enterprises will need to equip themselves to not only thwart against these attacks, but anticipate and detect them earlier."

"Dev" Takes Over DevOps. "Convergence of IT operations and DevOps will accelerate in 2017 as the ownership of traditional IT operations functions -- maintenance, performance, availability -- come within the purview of those who developed those systems in the first place," said Eric Thomas, Director of Solutions Architecture. "Rapid development and release cycles made possible with PaaS and IaaS offerings will only increase the demand for a single team to manage the entire application lifecycle from development to production."

Healthcare Technology Vendors Get Cozy. "Healthcare is already one of the most highly collaborative and integrated industries," said Brian Young, Sr. Director of Business Development. "Organizations like HIMSS and CHIME give healthcare IT professionals a space to share ideas and approaches. In 2017, expect to see the healthcare IT vendor community embrace a similar approach. Major healthcare-specific technologies like EHRs are already looking to technology partners to accelerate innovation and help ensure better patient care and experience."

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