ExtraHop Introduces New Professional Services for Data-Driven Enterprise IT Transformations

ExtraHop Experts Build Custom Solutions for Cloud Migration, Application Mapping, and Microsegmentation Projects Using Insight from Real-Time Visibility of the ExtraHop Platform

LAS VEGAS & SEATTLE – May 15, 2017 – Today at Interop ITX, ExtraHop, the leader in real-time IT analytics, announced new professional services for cloud migration, data center migration, and microsegmentation. These fully-customizable offerings bring together the deep domain expertise of ExtraHop solutions architects with the real-time, multi-tier visibility delivered by the ExtraHop platform to help organizations streamline major IT transformation and security initiatives.

When embarking on major IT transformation projects, a comprehensive understanding of the environment is critical; however, today's IT environments are complex, dynamic, and distributed, making it extraordinarily difficult to stay on top of all of the systems and their dependencies. Legacy approaches rely on active discovery through device polling—which puts incredible strain on infrastructure—and consultants interviewing people to create spreadsheet inventories of the environment.

With ExtraHop, enterprises now have both the real-time insight and the expert guidance they need to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure performance and security during complex infrastructure projects. New professional services now offered by ExtraHop include:

  • Cloud and Datacenter Migration: Cloud and data center migration experts map the entire IT infrastructure across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments to discover all assets, map dependencies, separate clients and servers, and categorize shared services like DNS and Active Directory. Based on this comprehensive, up-to-the-minute understanding of the complete environment, ExtraHop experts build a comprehensive plan, including move groups and migration order, to ensure seamless migration.
  • Microsegmentation: Leveraging the automatic device discovery and mapping capabilities of the ExtraHop platform, ExtraHop Solutions Architects work with internal teams to develop and implement a segmentation strategy that takes into account industry-specific considerations, such as medical devices in healthcare and PCI compliance in retail. ExtraHop takes a vendor-agnostic approach that fits with the network virtualization technology selected by the customer, and delivers a comprehensive view of every network-connected device, its communications, and a plan for how to best segment its traffic.
  • Application Mapping: Leverage ExtraHop IT analytics to observe all interactions between IT systems including asset discovery, dependency mapping, and identification of core dependencies and shared services.

"In our experience, even organizations with a lot of confidence in their application inventories generally only believe they have 80 percent visibility. When we actually do the mapping, we find that it's more often only about 20 percent," said Eric Thomas, Director of Professional Services at ExtraHop. "When it comes to initiatives like migration and microsegmentation, a complete inventory is absolutely mission critical. With ExtraHop technology and best practices, our experts can help customers understand critical dependencies to support smooth transformations. As a result, IT teams can stay focused on continuous improvement and innovation."

In addition to these specialized projects, ExtraHop offers implementation and integration services to configure the ExtraHop platform to a company's unique needs and build a strong foundation for success. Experts use the Open Data Stream and Open Data Context API to integrate the ExtraHop platform seamlessly with IT and security platforms such as ServiceNow, threat intelligence, and SIEM platforms.

Learn more about ExtraHop Professional Services and visit ExtraHop at Interop ITX at booth #517.

To experience the power of the ExtraHop platform, explore the interactive online demo.

What the Industry is Saying:

"The ExtraHop consultant was a plethora of knowledge about the platform and about IT architectures generally. We even threw him into an application onboarding meeting about upcoming network redesigns, and he added real value to the conversation. We will definitely partner with ExtraHop more on future developments," said a Business Performance & Analytics Administrator for global financial technology services organization.

"Datacenter and cloud migrations are incredibly complex projects that often involve a great deal of headache for IT and risk for the organization," said Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst for Network Management at Enterprise Management Associates. "One of the biggest challenges surrounding these migrations is getting the required visibility into all devices and the dependencies they share in order to avoid performance and availability issues as the project progresses. With these new bundled services offerings, ExtraHop combines the observed visibility delivered by its analytics solution with deep expertise in application and dependency mapping to help streamline these migrations."

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