ExtraHop Announces General Availability of Machine Learning Service Addy

ExtraHop Addy Has Already Helped Early Access Customers Spot and Resolve Hundreds of Anomalies, From Reverse DNS Lookups to the Dyn DDoS Attack

SEATTLE -- April 19, 2017 -- ExtraHop, the leader in real-time IT analytics, today announced the general availability of its new machine learning service, Addy. When paired with the ExtraHop analytics-first workflow recently introduced as part of version 6.2, IT teams can easily and rapidly investigate issues from high-level performance metrics to individual transactions to packets in a matter of clicks rather than hours. To experience the power of ExtraHop Addy's machine learning, check out the interactive online demo.

ExtraHop Addy is the industry's first SaaS offering that observes and analyzes all digital interactions and applies machine learning to detect anomalies in real time, helping IT teams take a proactive, data-driven approach to supporting and securing the digital experience.

Using wire data from the ExtraHop platform, Addy builds continuous baselines for every device, network, and application, and then proactively detects and surfaces potential issues in the environment directly into the ExtraHop UI. Feedback from in-house and crowd-sourced domain expertise complement the core algorithm and heuristics, helping to reduce the number of false positives over time to surface only the most critical issues.

In beta for the last year, ExtraHop Addy has helped early access customers spot and resolve hundreds of anomalies, from reverse DNS lookups to the Dyn DDoS attack. As a result, Addy customers have seen increased uptime, improved performance, and better collaboration across teams.

"ExtraHop Addy brings our environment into focus," said David Johnson, Enterprise Systems Support Specialist with the State of Washington. "With this service, we're alerted to issues we didn't know we had, and it makes us much more proactive in resolving them before the effects are widespread. We now have the data we need to be smarter about how we operate."

Pricing for the service starts at $2,990 per month.


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ExtraHop is the leading provider of cloud-native network detection and response for the hybrid enterprise. With complete visibility, real-time threat detections, and automated investigation powered by cloud-scale machine learning, ExtraHop enables security teams at leading enterprises including Credit Suisse, The Home Depot, Caesars Entertainment, and Liberty Global to rise above the noise of alerts, organizational silos, and runaway technology in order to accelerate investigations, unify policies across hybrid environments, and build their security the way they're building their business: cloud-first. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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