DDI Selects ExtraHop to Future-Proof its IT Operation

Global Human Resources Consultancy Uses ExtraHop IT Analytics for Unparalleled Performance Visibility so the IT Team Can Focus on Building Instead of Fixing

SEATTLE – June 28, 2017 – ExtraHop, the leader in real-time IT analytics, today announced that global human resources consultancy Development Dimensions International (DDI) is using the ExtraHop platform to help build a smart, fast, and data-driven IT operation. Armed with unbiased insight from ExtraHop, the DDI IT team now spends less time fixing performance and latency issues, and more time building scalable applications that keep the business ahead of the competition.

With 42 offices in 26 countries, DDI provides the world's top organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 500, with leadership assessment and development training. DDI's web-based testing and assessment applications are used in more than 90 countries to make more than 3,200 hiring decisions every hour. The IT team at DDI is tasked with both maintaining the mission-critical applications its customers use to inform their hiring decisions, as well as future-proofing the DDI technology stack to accommodate the scale and complexity of new business demands.

"It's not enough for IT to support the business as it exists today. Everything that we do—from the technologies we purchase to the applications and features we design—must be done in the context of where our business will be in three to five years," said Jake Whitlock, Network Engineer at DDI. "ExtraHop gives us the visibility we need to be smarter, faster, and more data-driven about our current operations, and keeps us focused on the future. With ExtraHop, our whole team spends more time building and less time fixing."

Previously DDI used IT monitoring tools that provided only a narrow slice of infrastructure visibility, forcing the team to rely on manual processes to correlate log data with views from point solutions, often taking weeks to troubleshoot a single problem. With ExtraHop, DDI gains accurate and timely insight across its entire IT operation, enabling IT to identify a root cause and resolve the issue in just hours. This allows the team to instead focus on building the applications and infrastructure that customers need to thrive.

"With ExtraHop, we very quickly realized that we could see much more than just HTTP. For the first time, we could visualize both the end-user experience and corresponding performance issues across the infrastructure in a single UI," said Jake. "It brought everything into focus."

With insight from the ExtraHop platform, DDI has proactively identified business-impacting issues, including:

  • Identifying the source of synthetic transactions hitting a testing application in China and shutting down the attack the same day.
  • Quickly and successfully retiring four Symantec messaging gateways by automatically matching IP addresses and specific emails, saving a systems engineer more than 100 hours of previously manual time spent with unreliable data.
  • Proactively learning a server used to communicate with Office365 was still in maintenance mode, leaving email and services vulnerable to performance impacts and shutdowns. The team used ExtraHop to get the server back into production immediately before it impacted any employee work.

"As a leader in the space, DDI understands the strategic role IT Operations plays in business", said Raja Mukerji, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, ExtraHop. "DDI uses ExtraHop to address issues proactively rather than reactively, enabling IT to address problems before they impact customer experience and outcomes."

To learn more on how DDI uses the ExtraHop platform, read the case study. To experience the power of the ExtraHop platform, explore the interactive online demo.

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