Lantmäteriet Leverages IT Data Analytics from ExtraHop to Improve User Experience

National Land Survey of Sweden Turns to Wire Data Analytics to Increase Network and Application Performance for 2000 Users Across 60 Locations

GAVLE, SWEDEN – September 8, 2016ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced that Lantmäteriet, National Land Survey of Sweden, is using the ExtraHop IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) platform to gain real time visibility into its infrastructure and application delivery chain to better serve its users.

Headquartered in Gavle, Sweden, Lantmäteriet produces geographic databases and contributes to an efficient and sustainable use of Sweden's land and water, and a safe ownership of real estate. Lantmäteriet's 2000 employees across 60 locations rely on its infrastructure and applications to perform property registration, provide information about the country's 3.2 million properties, and decide on the title deeds and production of documentation for funding.

As with many organizations adopting new advances in data analytics for IT operations, Lantmäteriet required an easier and faster solution to identify issues within a very complex IT environment. After evaluation of numerous traditional network performance monitoring (NPM) and application performance monitoring solutions (APM), Lantmäteriet found that the ExtraHop platform's wire data approach provided an unmatched ability to improve the monitoring and management of its infrastructure network and applications. The switch to ExtraHop has helped Lantmäteriet to make the move from reactive to proactive management of the end users experience.

"In the past, a certain amount of managing IT – common with most organizations - was based on things that happened in the past, be it several weeks or an hour ago," said Heléne Kolm, Team leader of the monitoring team in Lantmäteriet. "At Lantmäteriet we are passionate about ensuring that we offer the best possible experience for our users, whether they are in an office or out on location using a mobile network. ExtraHop has allowed us to start the transition towards proactively taking control of the experiences of our users, so we can make decisions based on the hard facts, and what is happening on our network in real time."

"Lantmäteriet's use of ExtraHop to help it gain a deeper understanding of its critical business processes highlights the potential for wire data to meet the needs of a wide range of organizations across a diverse set of use cases," adds Owen Cole, VP of Business Development, EMEA for ExtraHop.

Lantmäteriet has successfully implemented ExtraHop appliances to deliver wire data-based visibility for one critical application, and are now expanding the coverage to many of the other applications.

"This is actually a very simple task," explains Kolm. "Since every application uses the same network, if ExtraHop sees one application, it will see them. What is also very important to us was that ExtraHop is 100 percent passive, and does not require us to install any agents or to change anything in the application. This makes ExtraHop incredibly fast and simple to deploy."

To experience the power of the ExtraHop platform, explore the ExtraHop interactive online demo.

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# About Lantmäteriet

We map the country, demarcate boundaries and help guarantee secure ownership of Sweden's real property. You can get more information and documentation on Sweden's geography and real properties from us - http://www.lantmateriet.se/en/

We also provide services for subdivisions or changes in land boundaries. We handle applications for registered ownership and we also ensure that registration of ownership is done in the real property register.

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Materna is a leading European ITC consulting company and we have been successfully implementing IT projects for our customers for 35 years now. Our team of around 1,700 dedicated employees works for our company throughout Europe. In the business year 2015 we achieved a group turnover of more than 200 million Euros. We cover the complete spectrum of services you would expect from a full service IT consultant: from strategy and consulting services through to implementation and operations.

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