Fareportal Finds the Ticket to Ensuring Positive Customer Journeys

Top Online Travel Agency Selects ExtraHop for First-Class Visibility to Ensure Top-Flight Performance and Deliver a Seamless Digital Experience to Millions of Travelers Across the World

SEATTLE, WA – December 13, 2016 – ExtraHop, the first and only provider of streaming analytics that transforms network data into actionable insight, today announced that Fareportal, one of the top online travel agencies in the United States, is using the ExtraHop platform to help its lean IT team support a streamlined online experience for customers. In addition to helping Fareportal deliver industry-leading digital experience to customers, the ExtraHop platform also provides business-level insight into website usage patterns for more effective capacity planning.

Fareportal serves millions of travelers each year. To support this operation, the company partners with 450 airlines, 150,000 hotels, hundreds of car agencies, numerous credit card companies, and a global network of travel agents in multiple countries and languages that operate 24/7/365. Working with a lean IT team in a highly competitive market where customer experience is everything, Fareportal needed a way to gain real-time visibility across their hybrid IT environment.

"These days, customers have many options for booking travel online. Any latency or other impact to a user's experience could mean losing them to a competitor," says Mayur Rele, IT Manager for Infrastructure and Cloud at Fareportal. "With ExtraHop, we know immediately from where a problem is originating. We're not stuck in a war room pointing fingers. We're actually fixing the issue. This means better short-term performance and more focus on long-term enhancements to our platform. For our customers, that's a win-win."

In addition to helping the team at Fareportal proactively identify problems and restore performance issues before customers are impacted, ExtraHop has helped the IT team increase operational efficiency and build trust across the organization. The rich visibility provided by ExtraHop is even leveraged by business teams, who use it to monitor customer behavior and search trends for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

"For the first time, we had a clear way to see the volume of transactions going through our search engines," says Rele. "We can now watch those transaction volumes and notify business stakeholders immediately if we see a significant drop or spike in search volume. We can even track it over time to understand patterns and behavior."

"Fareportal was built in the cloud, delivering some of the travel industry's best web and mobile experiences and online services," said Raja Mukerji, Chief Customer Officer at ExtraHop. "ExtraHop is a key enabler of Fareportal's digital transformation, providing the visibility their IT teams need to ensure performance, run leaner and smarter, and make data-driven decisions that support customers' digital experiences."

For more information about how ExtraHop is helping Fareportal improve their customers' digital journey, check out the case study: Fareportal Finds the Ticket to Ensuring Digital Experience in ExtraHop

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