ExtraHop Unwraps ESG Buyer's Guide for IT Operations & Analytics Platforms

Industry Analysts Reveal the Top Considerations for Purchasing IT Monitoring Solutions

SEATTLE – September 21, 2016 – ExtraHop, the first and only provider of streaming analytics that transforms network data into actionable insight, today announced the availability of a new report from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Titled "Real-time IT Visibility: Considerations for Buyers" and authored by ESG analysts Nik Rouda and Dan Conde, the whitepaper is a welcomed resource for enterprise clients looking for a framework to evaluate and purchase IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions. The ESG buyer's guide is the first time enterprise IT has a reliable, apples-to-apples comparison of competitive ITOA and IT monitoring systems.

As IT environments grow more sophisticated by the day, complexity rises and many CIOs and IT directors lose visibility of their assets and clarity into each asset's performance. The unfortunate result creates IT 'black boxes,' which bring detrimental hazards to enterprise customers when changes are required or things go wrong within interdependent environments. This problem extends beyond the walls of the data center and spans all offices and mobile workers, according to the report.

"Nearly every facet of an organization relies in some way on technology, whether it's connected manufacturing devices, enterprise resource planning, marketing automation, or financial planning," said Conde and Rouda. "Modern monitoring must be real-time, at scale, and capable of providing visibility wherever IT assets reside. IT Operations Analytics is at the forefront of this monitoring evolution, but understanding how these often diverse technologies fit together and what benefits they deliver to IT can be complex."

The new ESG whitepaper helps IT buyers navigate a myriad of solutions on the market today to identify a solution that allows them to efficiently identify, monitor, and derive insights across the entire environment. ESG analysts provided seven core criteria for enterprise buyers currently evaluating ITOA and monitoring platforms, including: deployment and management; scale; depth and breadth of data visibility; data quality; extensibility; data analysis; and practicality.

"The promise of ITOA technologies lies in their ability to provide deep performance analytics that go beyond just IT monitoring to surface business insights and support users' digital experiences," said Isaac Roybal, Director of Product Marketing at ExtraHop. "Unfortunately, the use of disparate data sources, attempts by legacy monitoring players to reposition themselves in ITOA, and the lack of credible technical reviews of products in the space make it incredibly difficult to make true apples-to-apples comparisons of these solutions. This guide from ESG is an excellent tool for evaluating these offerings. We encourage any buyer to see how ExtraHop stacks up."

The ExtraHop platform was architected with these seven considerations in mind. Customers can address the requirements of scale, complexity, and dynamism by automatically discovering devices, systems, and their relationships, observing and measuring their behavior, and rapidly initiating a forensic investigation of performance. The platform deploys without agents and begins surfacing critical IT insights across the application stack immediately with real-time streaming analysis of wire data at up to 40Gbps. Most importantly, the platform is designed to simplify workflows and accelerate time to insights. Open Data Stream makes the ExtraHop platform the most extensible offering on the market, allowing users to stream wire data to other analytics platforms for comparative analysis.

"When compared to traditional network monitoring tools, ExtraHop delivers significantly more functionality for a fraction of the cost, saving approximately 2.5x," said Mike Leone, Senior ESG Lab Analyst in an April 2016 report. Enterprise customers can learn more about how the ExtraHop platform differentiates from other ITOA solutions in the recent ESG Lab Validation report, "The ExtraHop Stream Analytics Platform: Wire Data for the Real-Time Enterprise."

ExtraHop recently announced the sixth generation of its streaming analytics platform, ExtraHop 6.0. The solution uses advanced networking features that together offer the industry's only workflow for users across application, IT Ops, networking, or security to identify and mitigate IT issues in five clicks or less.

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