ExtraHop Speeds Insight, Efficiency for The Greenbrier Companies

Global Fortune 1000 Company Uses Real-Time Stream Analytics to Accelerate Troubleshooting Times by Over 50 Percent and Ensure Consistent Application Performance Across Geographies

SEATTLE, WA - February 3, 2016 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced that The Greenbrier Companies ("Greenbrier"), leading designers, manufacturers, and marketers of railroad freight equipment and ocean-going marine barges, are using ExtraHop to ensure the performance of centralized applications across the organizations' global operations. With real-time stream analytics from ExtraHop, the IT team at Greenbrier is delivering better, more consistent application performance across its global operations, slashing troubleshooting times by more than 50 percent in the process.

The geographically disparate operations of Greenbrier – spanning five countries and three continents – rely heavily on a centralized IT infrastructure. Critical applications, including parts and ERP systems, are delivered to remote operations over WAN and Citrix. Remote users frequently experienced productivity-impacting latency in these applications, but the IT team's limited visibility made performance problems difficult to troubleshoot.

To improve end-user experience and performance of applications delivered over WAN and Citrix, Greenbrier deployed ExtraHop to help them gain better visibility into and control over their IT environment. "Rather than wasting time pointing fingers and speculating about where the problem was originating, with ExtraHop, we were all able to look at the data, pinpoint the source of the issue, and get it resolved," says Eaton. "ExtraHop is the difference between guessing and knowing."

For the IT team at Greenbrier, the insight delivered by ExtraHop has helped them take back control of their complex IT environment to better serve the company's global operations. Problems that once took days or weeks to troubleshoot now take hours or minutes – time that is now spent improving processes and performance. The ExtraHop platform also equips the team at Greenbrier to be more proactive in how they identify and resolve performance-impacting problems, helping to ensure consistent end-user experience across all geographies.

"With ExtraHop, we've cut troubleshooting times in half, sometimes even more. And we're no longer left guessing. Now we know where problems are originating, which means we can prevent them from recurring in the future," said Eaton.

"The challenges faced by Greenbrier are not unique in today's global marketplace," said Raja Mukerji, co-founder and president of ExtraHop. "For these companies, the ability to rapidly and consistently deliver IT-based services to operations across the globe is a significant competitive advantage. We have worked hard with the team at Greenbrier, putting them driver's seat for IT operations and ensuring that end-users can access the applications they need, when they need them."

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