ExtraHop Helps digiChart Enable Seamless Patient Care

Leading EHR Provider Leverages the ExtraHop Platform to Streamline a Major data center Migration and Keep their Core Application Running at Peak Performance

SEATTLE, WA - March 31, 2016 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced that digiChart, a provider of specialty-specific Electronic Health Records (EHR) for OB/GYN practices, is using ExtraHop to improve the performance and availability of its complex EHR application. These powerful insights help digiChart ensure that their more than 1,000 clinician customers – and their patients – have the critical medical information they need when they need it.

Clinicians rely on EHRs for patient medical histories, new test results, prescription information, and other critical data that can dramatically impact diagnosis and treatment. Any latency or outage can delay communication with, and care for, patients. It can also detrimentally impact Meaningful Use, which can be costly for hospitals and provider networks.

To improve the performance, availability, and scale of its application, digiChart embarked on a large-scale data center migration to a new state-of-the-art facility. As part of the migration, they'd invested over half a million dollars in infrastructure upgrades. When it came time to complete the migration, however, they started seeing a flood of errors coming from the web server. With clinicians, patients, and their business riding on the success of the migration, digiChart CTO Bobby Addison turned to ExtraHop. Within hours, ExtraHop helped the team uncover and fix an error in the load balancer, salvaging the migration and saving digiChart thousands of dollars in rental costs at the old datacenter.

"When managing a complex, multi-tier application, you could spend a lifetime tweaking and never get to the root cause of the problem," said Addison. "ExtraHop tells us not only where the problem is occurring, but why it's occurring. Once we know the where and the why, fixing it is usually the easiest part."

With its application successfully migrated to the new datacenter, digiChart is now using ExtraHop to transform their IT operations from reactive to proactive. digiChart can now troubleshoot application problems before they affect end-users and gain a better understanding of infrastructure impacts on overall performance. The company even uses ExtraHop to track week-over-week data traffic patterns, allowing them to anticipate call center staffing needs ahead of time and predict spikes in demand to staff up support when customers need it the most.

"The team at digiChart is deeply committed to its clinician customers and their patients, and that means ensuring the performance, availability, and security of their EHR application," said Erik Giesa, SVP of Marketing, ExtraHop. "With ExtraHop, they have the visibility they need to holistically understand their application, the infrastructure on which it runs, and the experiences of end-users. This means they spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating to drive greater success and efficiency for their customers."

"Not only does ExtraHop bring problems to light, it tells us how to fix those problems before they impact our doctors and their patients. Prior to ExtraHop, we had theories. Now we have facts. We're not just guessing anymore," said Addison. "It's helping us run not only our application but our business, better."

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About digiChart

digiChart delivers tools, services and knowledge to OB/GYN practices helping providers manage the whole practice. The specialty-focused EHR was built with the input of OB/GYNs to mimic the workflow in the OB/GYN practice; this unique feature improves clinical decision-making and gives providers consistent documentation capabilities and functionality to enhance patient care. In addition, digiChart delivers clinically-driven revenue cycle services integrating medical billing with the clinical system to improve documentation and coding to secure optimal reimbursement. And, robust practice analytics give physicians clarity about how their practice is performing so they can act quickly to adjust the way they do things and see improvements that strengthen their overall practice performance.

For more information, call (877) 634-2727 or visit http://www.digichart.com.

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