ExtraHop Extends Wire Data Analytics to Remote Offices and Azure

New small form factor appliance extends wire data analytics from the data center across geographically distributed operations; support for Microsoft Azure provides critical insight from data generated in cloud deployments

LAS VEGAS, NV - INTEROP - May 3, 2016 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced the latest addition to the Discover family of appliances, the EDA 1100. This small form factor appliance delivers IT visibility across manufacturing facilities, retail stores, distribution centers, and branch offices.

![EDA 1100](https://assets.extrahop.com/images/photos/EDA1100.png)

With this announcement ExtraHop also expanded its offering for public cloud environments, adding support for Microsoft Azure in addition to its existing Amazon AWS product. These new features deliver visibility everywhere that IT assets reside in the modern enterprise: the datacenter, cloud, and remote sites. These new appliances give IT operations teams an unprecedented degree of control over complex environments. This ensures the continuous performance, availability, and security of business-critical systems that serve as the foundation of the real-time global enterprise.

ExtraHop will be showcasing this new functionality during the Interop Expo, May 4-5, 2016 at booth #741.

As data underpins more businesses across every industry, the places where it is created are spreading. Retail stores, manufacturing assembly lines, and branch offices are all producing volumes that require wire data analytics previously available only in large datacenters. According to recently released research from Gartner analysts Vivek Bhalla and Will Cappelli, "[W]ire data—radically rethought and used in new ways— … will prove to be the most critical source of data for availability and performance management over the next five years."

With the new EDA 1100 and support for Azure, ExtraHop is bringing turnkey wire data analytics to hybrid and geographically distributed IT architectures, extending this critical data source everywhere IT assets reside to deliver a unified view of all operations. This new functionality enables IT operations teams to provide robust support to remote teams—regardless of onsite expertise—to resolve performance problems quickly before they impact business operations. For hybrid and public cloud deployments within Azure, IT teams can predictably monitor workload performance; accurately track efficiency and performance-based SLAs; and reveal vital IT metrics.

"Enterprise IT is often distributed across many remote sites that depend on connectivity, unified communications, and business-critical applications," said ExtraHop CEO Jesse Rothstein. "The cost and complexity of staffing these locations with dedicated IT teams is infeasible. With the EDA 1100, we are extending visibility out to the edge, providing a cost-effective, scalable way for IT teams to offer robust support to remote sites."

With the EDA 1100, IT teams have unprecedented insight into and control over remote systems and processes that support critical business operations.

  • In healthcare, IT teams gain visibility into communications and systems operating at ambulatory clinics, radiology labs, and other remote sites, enabling them to proactively identify and troubleshoot performance problems before they affect clinician workflows or impact patient care.
  • In retail, monitoring point-of-sale activity and supply chain management enables IT to support distribution center operations without having a dedicated team onsite.
  • For branch operations, ExtraHop provides insight into the performance, availability, and security of cloud services, virtualized desktops, and corresponding business critical applications in use at these sites.

As part of its latest product release, ExtraHop also announced new protocol support including POP3, NFSv4, VXLAN, NVGRE, CISCO FabricPath, DICOM, as well as improvements to custom dashboards. These user interface enhancements include: more sophisticated charting options, more contextual cues in visualizations, improved metric comparison, and the ability to more easily drill down into specific data sources.

To learn more about the ExtraHop EDA 1100, check out this blog post from Senior Technical Marketing Engineer Colin Walker: Small Appliance, Big Vision: ExtraHop 5.2.

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