ExtraHop Makes Virtual a Reality With Rich Insight Into Application Performance

Wire data analytics platform pulls back the curtain on virtualized environments, helps large technology company accelerate production and rollouts by 30 percent.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - VMworld – August 31, 2015 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced that it is working with a number of customers to deliver virtual application performance visibility. By leveraging the ExtraHop platform, IT teams are better able to understand performance impacts, reduce personnel hours associated with virtual deployments, and maximize value for the organization. For one large technology company, this visibility saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in staffing and infrastructure costs related to their migration of complex, multi-tier applications to a virtual environment.

Unlike legacy monitoring approaches, the ExtraHop wire data analytics platform provides real-time, end-to-end visibility across the entire application delivery chain, including on-premise, virtualized, and cloud environments. IT can expect to gain the following key benefits of using ExtraHop for virtual application performance management.

  • Pre-virtualization application performance benchmarking and real-time comparative analysis to compare virtualized instance performance against the baseline.
  • Ability to quickly identify the virtualized application and understand performance from the end-user perspective.
  • Visibility across all physical and virtualized tiers and continuous monitoring of the dependencies and behaviors of all components in the application delivery chain.
  • Insight necessary to improve processes and workflows across everyone responsible for the delivery of the application to the end-user.

For the large technology company, insight into virtual application performance was mission-critical. Seventy percent of the company's applications were virtualized, and they were in the process of migrating a highly interactive and performance­-sensitive application to their virtualized environment. Almost instantly, their customers began experiencing performance degradations, but no one among the network, virtualization, storage, application, or database teams could find the source of the problem.

"The company's traditional performance monitoring tools, from application performance management, to network performance management, to log data, only served to prove the 'innocence' of infrastructure, and yet the application still wasn't performing," said Raja Mukerji, co-founder and president, ExtraHop. "Their entire private cloud initiative was being derailed, yet all their legacy tools could tell them was that resource utilization was kind of okay, let's call it 'yellowish'."

The CIO and her team realized that this issue was the result of having more than a dozen monitoring tools with more than a dozen contradictory views looking at IT componentry rather than the complete service. There was nothing in their monitoring arsenal that gave them complete, cross-tier visibility. Looking to gain this critical visibility, they brought in ExtraHop. Within hours, they were able to identify a bottleneck caused by the interaction of CPU resources with storage and database resources and reallocated their virtual machines accordingly.

"Not only did this customer eliminate the performance problem, the application actually started performing better in the virtual environment than it had on bare metal," added Mukerji. "Wire data provided an objective view of performance – which is not the same as attempting to infer bottlenecks through measuring resource consumption."

With ExtraHop, this organization was able to not only save the private cloud initiative in which they'd already made significant investments, but their new accelerated and predictive process accelerated time to production and rollout by over 30 percent.

Check out the demo video in the sidebar to learn how customers are using ExtraHop to improve virtual application performance. For more use cases and customer stories, visit ExtraHop in Action.

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Learn about how customers are using ExtraHop to improve virtual application performance.

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