ExtraHop Shines a Light Into AWS Performance for Conga

Leading Salesforce application partner leverages wire data analytics platform for proactive application monitoring and AWS resource management.

ORLANDO, FL – Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit – June 15, 2015 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT operational intelligence, today announced that Conga is using the ExtraHop wire data analytics platform to gain deep visibility into its portfolio of Salesforce applications running in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Conga is a leading Salesforce partner, providing document generation, presentation, and reporting applications that help customers get more value from their Salesforce data. The company's flagship app, Conga Composer, has been in the Top 10 Salesforce add-ons for seven consecutive years, and Conga now supports more than 125,000 Salesforce users across 35 countries. In order to keep pace with this rapid growth, Conga migrated its applications to AWS. While AWS afforded Conga much greater scalability, it also left the Conga team with limited insight into application performance and user behavior.

"I spoke with over a dozen monitoring companies at Interop," says Christopher Murdock, Systems Engineer at Conga. "But only ExtraHop didn't turn me away when I said we're primarily on AWS. They said, 'Not a problem at all, we have an appliance out there, go ahead and fire up a free version for yourself.'"

With the ExtraHop wire data analytics platform deployed in their AWS environment, Conga can now extract key application metrics in real time, enabling them to identify and respond to performance issues quickly and minimize the impact for customers. Using ExtraHop, Conga can even determine when a performance issue is the result of Salesforce, and its representatives can proactively notify customers of the issue.

"When we come into the office, one of the first things we do now is turn on the monitors with the ExtraHop dashboards," said Brad Blake, Director of IT at Conga. "We are always watching them to see user experience, activity levels, and application behavior in AWS. ExtraHop has fundamentally changed the way that we monitor and manage our business."

"A growing number of Salesforce users rely on Conga's applications to keep them productive and efficient," said Raja Mukerji, President and Co-Founder, ExtraHop. "At ExtraHop, we believe that it is impossible to secure or manage what you cannot see. We've worked with Conga to provide end-to-end visibility at scale across all of their AWS workloads, helping them deliver on their promises to customers."

Conga has also leveraged the insights from wire data to streamline their AWS deployment. Before ExtraHop, unnoticed increases in errors had lead to unnecessary—and costly—automatic provisioning of new AWS compute resources. With the ExtraHop platform, the Conga team can now detect and troubleshoot the error before it leads to an auto-scaling event.

"That was our first win with ExtraHop," said Rodger McIntosh, Manager of Product Development at Conga. "I walked around the corner and saw this huge spike in requests on our screen. We found and were able to solve the problem before it could cause an auto-scale event."

"Even during the ExtraHop demo with our testing environment, we happened to notice an incorrect configuration that wouldn't have affected customers but could have caused us development headaches," said Blake. "Being able to pinpoint that cause so quickly really sold us on the value—and that alone justified our investment."

For more information about how Conga and its customers are benefiting from the ExtraHop solution, read the case study: Conga Lines Up Improved AWS Visibility with ExtraHop.

To get started with ExtraHop, request your free-forever ExtraHop virtual appliance or watch the ExtraHop interactive online demo.

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