ExtraHop Maps Out Operational Intelligence for Zonar Systems

Leading Transportation Technology Company Uses Stream Analytics Platform to Understand Device-Level Data Usage, Increasing Efficiency and Improving Business Performance

SEATTLE, WA - December 10, 2015 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced that Zonar Systems, a leading provider of transportation technology solutions, is using the ExtraHop platform to manage a complex array of remote fleet tracking devices and the infrastructure on which they communicate. With insight from ExtraHop, Zonar has dramatically reduced mobile data usage on its tablets, resulting in significant cost-savings for the company.

One of the most widely used solutions in the Zonar portfolio is the Zonar ZLogs® application, which runs on Zonar's proprietary 2020® tablet. The application serves as a GPS, tracks driver performance, and provides real-time transmission of trip logs and inspection reports. Data is transmitted via a mobile carrier network, which bills Zonar monthly for data usage. While the mobile carrier breaks out data usage by device, it provides no insight into how the data is actually being consumed. In order to gain that insight, Zonar turned to ExtraHop.

"The discrepancies in how much data was being used by individual devices were huge," said Jole Sack, Director of IT at Zonar. "Unfortunately, while we knew how much data was being used, we had no idea what that data was being used for. ExtraHop heightened our visibility into the data consuming that bandwidth so we could precisely pinpoint what was being accessed by a particular device."

With ExtraHop, the IT team at Zonar determined that the excessive data usage they were seeing on some of the 2020 devices was actually due to a bug in the application. By fixing the bug, Zonar has realized huge savings on its monthly data bills.

In addition to using ExtraHop to deliver critical business intelligence, Sack and his team are also leveraging stream analytics from ExtraHop to improve their own operations and ensure better performance across the infrastructure. With ExtraHop, the team embarked on a large-scale infrastructure mapping initiative. They also leverage the platform to improve day-to-day operations with rapid troubleshooting of everything from code-level errors to machines throwing millions of DNS requests.

"Zonar helps fleet operations achieve that last mile of efficiency by delivering critical real-time insights into driver and truck performance," said Erik Giesa, SVP of Marketing and Business Development. "With ExtraHop, the IT team at Zonar gains similar deep operational visibility into their infrastructure and operations that they wouldn't be able to achieve with traditional network performance monitoring or log management systems. The novel approach taken by ExtraHop to deriving insights from all data in motion is not only helping Zonar improve IT performance, it's delivering meaningful cost-savings across the business."

"When we started working with ExtraHop, we discovered a few problems that wouldn't necessarily set off an alarm, but that were causing service impacts," says Sack. "We never would have seen it without wire data. It's like spending your whole life seeing only black and white. Until you see things in color, you don't know how good it can be."

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About Zonar

Zonar is a transportation technology company that helps public and private fleet managers improve regulatory compliance, increase fleet efficiency and improve safety. Fleets utilize Zonar's solutions to capture vehicle and GPS-related data that integrate with other backend systems or are viewed through Zonar's web-based Ground Traffic Control application. The telematics platform includes an onboard system that captures data directly from the vehicle's engine and sub-systems, as well as external GPS satellite data. In conjunction with the telematics platform, the mobile platform includes user-enabled devices that capture information supplied by a driver, operator or rider. Identifying the right data for a fleet's specific needs is an important step in the process. Zonar helps fleets determine their data and telematics needs and create information streams that improve decision-making. For more information about Zonar Systems, go to http://www.zonarsystems.com

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