ExtraHop Keeps Communication Lines Open with Support for VoIP

Real-Time Visibility into the Performance of VoIP and Video Services Enables IT to Rapidly Identify Problems with Service Quality and Remediate Issues Before they Impact End Users

SEATTLE, WA – April 1, 2015ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced the ExtraHop Enterprise VoIP and Video Analysis module. With this new module, IT operations teams now have the correlated, cross-tier visibility they need to identify VoIP and video service issues in real time and at scale, enabling them to quickly identify problems before they impact end users.

"Due to the nature of VoIP services, any delay or degradation is instantly noticeable to end users. This means that when there's a problem, it's pretty much a guarantee that IT is going to get flooded with complaints," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop. "The ability to identify, troubleshoot, and remediate VoIP problems quickly can be the difference between a minor blip and a major service disruption. With ExtraHop's new integrated VoIP and Video Analysis module, not only can IT identify when there's an issue with a VoIP protocol, they can pinpoint situations where other applications, infrastructure, or services are impacting VoIP, helping them stay ahead of potential problems and keeping end users happy and connected."

The ExtraHop Enterprise VoIP and Video Analysis module monitors core VoIP protocols—including SIP, RTP, RTCP, and RTCP XR—that correspond to call quality metrics like Mean Opinion Score (MOS), jitter, latency, and packet loss. The module can also be combined with native DSCP analytics to provide quality of service (QoS) visibility. With this capability, IT can quickly identify and remediate the source of a service interruption.

Key benefits and capabilities of the ExtraHop VoIP and Video Analysis module include the following:

  • Ability to monitor VoIP traffic in real time with 40 Gbps throughput.
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards for instant perspective and insight into VoIP and video protocols.
  • Intelligent alerting that baselines normal behavior and only alerts IT when VoIP behavior deviates from the baseline.
  • Capacity planning capability to help IT determine if there is adequate network capacity/infrastructure deployed to support desired VoIP quality.
  • Problem correlation that enables IT to determine whether the service issue is originating from VoIP or from another part of the IT environment.
  • Ability to record VoIP calls via precision packet capture, allowing IT to investigate problems without adding cost and complexity.
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ExtraHop is the leading provider of cloud-native network detection and response for the hybrid enterprise. With complete visibility, real-time threat detections, and automated investigation powered by cloud-scale machine learning, ExtraHop enables security teams at leading enterprises including Credit Suisse, The Home Depot, Caesars Entertainment, and Liberty Global to rise above the noise of alerts, organizational silos, and runaway technology in order to accelerate investigations, unify policies across hybrid environments, and build their security the way they're building their business: cloud-first. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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