ExtraHop Ensures Web Application Performance with Real-Time Analysis and Prescriptive Guidance

Wire data analytics platform improves business outcomes with instant insight into application usage, traffic consumption, and trending patterns.

SEATTLE, WA – June 30, 2015 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced that it is working with customers to deliver the real-time visibility and prescriptive guidance needed to ensure the performance and availability of critical web applications. By improving web application performance, ExtraHop customers have seen increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth, as well as improvements in overall brand perception.

For one online gaming company, the challenge of maintaining web application performance was quickly getting out of hand. Keeping pace with new game launches, as well as regular code updates for existing games with tens of thousands of players, made managing the infrastructure a challenge. Even with auto-scaling procedures in place, accommodating the right number of users without over-provisioning was nearly impossible. Web server logs, synthetic data-monitoring tools, and probes provided an up/down picture, but were not always helpful in fixing issues with how well the web application was using resources.

Unlike legacy monitoring approaches, the ExtraHop wire data analytics platform provides real-time, end-to-end visibility across all tiers of the IT environment without requiring instrumentation or application changes. The system also delivers prescriptive, proactive guidance that helps IT teams rapidly troubleshoot applications. Key features include:

  • Continuous auto-discovery and categorization of all web servers, application, and infrastructure components.
  • A real-time view of all end-user transactions by application, response time, errors, and total throughput.
  • Real-time usage metrics for better capacity planning, system retirement, and insight into the impact of business efforts on customer conversions.

Equipped with this information, businesses such as the online gaming company have successfully reduced time-to-resolution during outages, curtailed reliance on logs and associated costs, and improved business efforts by understanding how these efforts correlate to web application usage and performance.

For the online gaming company, the operations team reduced the number of priority incidents by 50 percent. The benefit also extended into the broader business. With real-time visibility into game usage statistics, the CMO of the company was able to gauge the efficacy of online promotional efforts, improving target conversions by over 20% without an increase in spending.


Check out this video for a walk-through of the analytics available for the online gaming company.

"Huge demand for web applications means that simply identifying the existence of a problem is insufficient," said Raja Mukerji, Co-Founder and President, ExtraHop. "With the ExtraHop platform, IT teams can be not only be alerted to errors, traffic spikes, or outages, but can also be provided proactive guidance on how to address these issues. It's not just a diagnosis. It's a prescription for success."

For more information about how customers are using ExtraHop to improve web application performance, click here. For more use cases and customer stories, visit ExtraHop in Action.

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