ExtraHop and Avenida Partner to Deliver Rich Insight Into Complex and Dynamic Hybrid Environments

Danish APM experts benefit from wire data analytics to solve complex application issues and speed up troubleshooting

SEATTLE, WA - December 10, 2015 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced it has formed a partnership with Avenida, a performance monitoring and optimisation specialist, who will deploy ExtraHop wire data analytics platforms to help its extensive customer base across Denmark enhance visibility into IT infrastructure and solve complex application issues.

Avenida delivers application performance monitoring as a service and develops its own advanced software tools to help a range of clients across the region with particular focus on the Nordics. Avenida is particularly strong within finance, insurance and e-commerce and includes six of the 20 largest Danish companies as its clients alongside high-profile authorities, councils and governmental organisations. Avenida has recently received a major capital injection to further strengthen an already healthy company and to pave the way for an ambitious five-year growth plan.

To deliver its key services such as cross-layer optimisation and cloud migration, Avenida has traditionally used server-based clients for monitoring along with specially developed in-house tools for individual applications and customer environments. But as Jesper Geisler, CEO for Avenida explains, "There are limitations to this approach as in some cases parts of the IT infrastructure or application set may reside in an external third party where we can't deploy server-based agents. For projects where we are looking at very large environments, the complexity means that pinpointing where to focus our efforts can be a challenge."

In one such instance, a large logistics client was experiencing a seemingly random 45 second freeze in a critical application roughly 2 to 3 times. Without visibility across the entire infrastructure, the client was struggling to find the root of the problem. Avenida turned to ExtraHop for assistance.

"ExtraHop gave us the ability to quickly correlate what was happening across the entire application and network layer and build a picture of what factors were present that led to this issue," says Geisler, "The ability to leave it running continually and correlate the insights it generated with our own tools allowed us to find a root cause and solve the problem in a timely fashion."

Since the success of the project, Avenida has been looking at other customer environments where the unique capabilities of ExtraHop can be utilised as well as the possibility of including ExtraHop within its own managed services portfolio.

"ExtraHop's approach to wire data analytics is a real innovation and provides a level of visibility that is simply not available in other platforms," says Geisler, "We are already involved in a proof of concept project with another existing client and can see the potential for its deployment in areas such as cloud and hybrid environments where gaining application intelligence is often a challenge." Avenida is also exploring its ability to build ExtraHop into its own portfolio of managed services alongside solution sales.

ExtraHop and Avenida will be conducting joint outreach and sales programmes during 2016 which kicks off with an upcoming IT seminar series on 9th of December hosted by Computerworld in Copenhagen.

Colin Pittham, VP Sales EMEA for ExtraHop added, "Application Performance Management is under the spotlight as organisations transition from on-premise to more dynamic IT infrastructures that includes cloud and SaaS. Our work with experts like Avenida will help us to showcase the potential of wire data analytics as an essential component in that successful transition and ongoing service delivery capability."

About Avenida

Avenida delivers application performance monitoring as a service. Our services combine the experience and hands-on knowledge of our consultants with our dedicated monitoring tools. Our philosophy is to capture the knowledge of our consultants in the tool to provide the combined pool of experience to our customers. The core of our business model is to have a close interlope between experience and monitoring tool. Our consultant can thus concentrate on the complex issues, where the known issues are incorporated continuously in the tool. We deliver customized monitoring that efficiently provides you with the information you need to make decisions.

Visit www.avenida.dk

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ExtraHop is the cybersecurity partner enterprises trust to reveal the unknown and unmask the attack. The company’s Reveal(x) 360 platform is the only network detection and response platform that delivers the 360-degree visibility needed to uncover the cybertruth. When organizations have full network transparency with ExtraHop, they see more, know more, and stop more cyberattacks. Learn more at www.extrahop.com. 

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