T2 Systems Kicks Dev/Test into High Gear with ExtraHop

Parking Access Revenue and Control Systems Provider Uses Wire Data Analytics to Maintain Fast Response Times and System Reliability for Its SaaS Customers


SEATTLE, WA – July 24, 2014 – ExtraHop Networks, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT operational intelligence, today announced that T2 Systems is using the ExtraHop wire data analytics platform to improve development, testing, and performance of its parking SaaS technology. A technology innovator in the evolving parking industry, T2 provides Parking Access Revenue and Control Systems (PARCS) technology to nearly 400 SaaS customers, including large municipalities and universities during high volume events. With ExtraHop, T2 Systems development and testing teams can model transactions for various scenarios to tune application performance, while IT operations continuously monitors performance in production and uses historical data to plan capacity and infrastructure investments.

Whether planned or not, high-volume events are a headache common to multiple industries, and often place a heavy burden on the businesses affected. In the retail sector, Cyber Monday means an inevitable onslaught of web traffic. In the parking industry, the barrage of online traffic usually comes when yearly parking permits for large universities go on sale at the beginning of the fall semester. Demand for permits is so high that for a single university, the system might have to support roughly $10 million in transactions, with the majority occurring in the first 20 minutes of the sale. T2 Systems provides the management systems that enable these large-scale permit sales and uses the ExtraHop platform to deliver real-time visibility into the environment as they happen.

"It's like a Beyoncé Ticketmaster sale," said Grant Dawson, IT Director at T2. "During one of these events at a very large university, we were able to use ExtraHop to provide the customer with millisecond response times and report on how many permits they had sold every five minutes. The customer was thrilled, and their permit sale went off without a hitch."

In addition to delivering insight into the performance and availability of the environment during high-volume events, the ExtraHop platform also enables T2 Systems to rapidly evolve its platform to meet emerging demands by providing developers with improved insights into application performance. By simulating high-traffic sale events in a staging environment created by the company's dev/test team, and monitoring the results in ExtraHop, T2 has made significant improvements to its parking application and gained insight into how to optimize code, where to add capacity, or what new technology investments are needed. This continuous improvement is not only apparent when it comes to large-scale permit sales, but also in day-to-day parking lot operations.

"With ExtraHop, we can provide clients with objective, real-time data about the performance of their application," said Jim Hutchins, CTO at T2. "The response time of our competitors in the PARCS world is days to weeks. When something's broken, their answer is: open the gate, we'll dispatch a technician and he'll be there tomorrow. ExtraHop enables us to provide industry-leading service for our SaaS customers."

"Even as we're growing and increasing our IT budget, we continue to be more efficient with our IT spend," said Hutchins. "ExtraHop gives us the visibility we need to do more with less."

"Customers depend on T2 Systems to deliver superior performance, availability, and product improvements through their SaaS-based application," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop Networks. "With ExtraHop, T2 now has the visibility they need to rapidly troubleshoot and remediate problems, as well as accelerate the pace of innovation, fulfilling the promise they've made to their customers."

For more information, view the case study on how T2 Systems Delivers Industry-Leading SaaS Performance Using Wire Data. To implement ExtraHop's wire data analytics solution, request the free-forever ExtraHop virtual appliance.

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