Leading Global Analyst Firm Highlights ExtraHop's Innovative Wire Data Analytics Platform in Independent Report

Ovum Report Points to Platform Extensibility, Real-Time Analytics, and Adaptability to Dynamic Heterogeneous Environments as Core Strengths of the ExtraHop Platform

SEATTLE, WA – March 3, 2014 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT operational intelligence, today announces the findings of a new report* by leading global analyst firm Ovum, spotlighting ExtraHop's innovative, extensible approach to monitoring the performance, availability, and security of applications in dynamic environments including private, hybrid, and public. This report follows on the heels of ExtraHop winning Network World's recent Application Performance Monitoring Shootout, handily defeating four other vendors on core performance monitoring capabilities.

In the Ovum report, Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software – IT Solutions, places particular emphasis on the broad applicability of ExtraHop's wire data analytics, noting that the insights derived from this analysis not only lead to better IT outcomes, but better business decisions.

"ExtraHop plays in the APM space, but its solution has a broader reach, where IT operational intelligence feeds directly into business delivery. This is new territory enabled by the availability of wire data analytics technology. ExtraHop's platform has extensions that go far beyond traditional APM capabilities, providing deep analysis of wire data, which is one of the key sources of Big Data from which IT organizations and businesses can derive operational intelligence," reports Azoff.

As detailed in the Ovum report, the ExtraHop Wire Data Analytics platform goes far beyond traditional application performance management tools and passively monitors all L2–L7 communications, including full bidirectional transactional payloads. This approach provides IT teams with deep, correlated visibility across all tiers of the IT environment and helps business stakeholders make data-driven decisions. Users can start with a high-level view of performance and then drill down to granular device- and transaction-level details to quickly and easily pinpoint the root cause of a problem. The ExtraHop platform delivers significant cost-savings to organizations such as McKesson by reducing troubleshooting times and the need for specialist teams.

The Ovum report highlights numerous key strengths and differentiators of the ExtraHop Wire Data Analytics platform:

  • Real-time processing of wire data based on Big Data analytics technology that empowers IT teams to derive deep insight from vast amounts of network traffic in real time. The ExtraHop approach delivers a broad range of performance-monitoring capabilities, including discovering, visualizing, diagnosing, and optimizing, as well as assisting in IT security.
  • Full-stream reassembly using full-state machine simulation to provide deep application-level analysis and detect anomalous behavior.
  • An intelligent protocol framework that enables full content and payload analysis, supported by a customizable parser that reads, decodes, and passively interrogates the protocol down to per-user session and transaction traffic.
  • Integration with technology partners including Splunk and Arista designed to provide deep visibility into complex, dynamic IT environments and replace costly legacy monitoring systems.
"This report from Ovum not only reaffirms the transformation we're seeing in our customers' approach to IT operations, it provides clear validation of ExtraHop's differentiated, wire data-based solution," says Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop. "IT organizations are demanding a more intelligent way to overcome the problems they're facing as complexity increases in their environments. At ExtraHop, we're pioneering a novel approach to delivering this IT operational intelligence, and we're using real-time analysis of wire data correlated across all tiers of the environment to give IT teams what they need to succeed."

To try out the ExtraHop Wire Data Analytics platform, request the free-forever ExtraHop virtual appliance.

Notes to Editors:

  • SWOT Assessment: ExtraHop Operational Intelligence Platform v3.10, February 2014

Ovum's SWOT reports are an independent assessment of a specific solution or service, examining features and capabilities, SWOT analysis, enterprise deployment considerations, and vendor's product strategy.

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