ExtraHop's 4th Generation Wire Data Analytics Platform Extends the Value of ITOA to Power Business Insights Across the Enterprise

New Data Visualization Dashboards, Open Data Context API, and Universal Payload Analysis Empower IT and Business Users to Mine Wire Data for Faster, Better-Informed Decision-Making

SEATTLE, WA – September 30, 2014ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced the fourth generation of its Wire Data Analytics Platform. The latest iteration offers an expanded array of out-of-the-box functionality, including a redesigned analytics user interface (UI), the ability to store ExtraHop's wire data on network attached storage for unlimited look-back, and an Open Data Context API that can consume third party data for enriched, correlated insight. These features empower IT and business stakeholders with the functionality and scale needed to discover, explore, and uncover new and valuable insights from wire data.

In the June 24, 2014 report, "Apply IT Operations Analytics to Broader Datasets for Greater Business Insight," Colin Fletcher and Jonah Kowall wrote: "Just like IT operations teams, business professionals rarely suffer from a lack of data being generated, but rather from being unable to easily access and analyze the incredible volumes of data in systems built over decades. This challenge is complicated by a number of factors, including technology limitations, stagnant system design and shrinking budgets. Further compounding the challenge is the continued explosion of instrumented components and devices that result in even more data being perpetually generated, irrespective of its potential future analysis. In response, a growing number of business professionals are discovering that IT Operational Analytics (ITOA) tools can be used to get around many of these barriers."

"In recent years, next-generation ITOA solutions like ExtraHop have emerged, empowering IT as well as key stakeholders throughout the business to derive compelling insight for more timely, better-informed business decision-making," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop. "Working closely and cooperatively with our enterprise customers as they've embraced this new paradigm has enabled us to rapidly advance the state of the art. This fourth generation of the ExtraHop platform reflects the depth and breadth of our experience working in these increasingly complex, large-scale environments."

ExtraHop's latest platform delivers numerous innovative features:

  • Out-of-the-Box Dashboards that enable intuitive, real-time analysis of complex datasets. Users can now search, discover, and analyze wire data based on a wide variety of factors including metric type, role, time period, and even geographic location. Other key features include the ability to search, view, and understand the relationships of native and custom metrics within a single metrics catalog, and the metric explorer enables users to easily explore, graph, and share any metrics they want to visualize, compare, overlay, or trend.
  • Time-Based Comparative Analysis, an industry first, enables users to compare the analysis of any attribute in the ExtraHop platform with the same attribute, at the same time, on any date in the past. This capability enables very powerful and simplified baselining for DevOps personnel during application updates or rollouts, Enterprise Architects for capacity planning and trending purposes, and Security Analysts wanting to alert and trend on anomalous behavior.
  • Universal Payload Analysis, another industry first, allows users to rapidly monitor any TCP or UDP based application protocol that is not natively supported by ExtraHop, including custom and proprietary enterprise protocols. Users can leverage the extracted information for both operational and business analytics, as well as search for strings in any payload to record, visualize, trend, and alert.
  • The Open Data Context API allows customers to further enrich insights from wire data by contextualizing them with data from third-party sources. With the API, users can ingest information from a wide range of third party data sources (e.g. user IDs) into ExtraHop's session table. The API is bi-directional and also allows external sources to pull information from ExtraHop's session table.
  • ExtraHop's Extended Datastore leverages network attached storage to enable unlimited look-back for longitudinal analysis of wire data. This feature was developed based on increasing customer recognition of the significant value of wire data for long-term security forensics, performance trending, capacity planning, and business analytics.
"ExtraHop's fourth generation platform enables our IT team to explore our wire data and gather new insights," said Gehad Alhundi, IT Manager, Complete Innovations. "The user interface enables us to contextualize and visualize real-time metrics that are critical to our operations. With ExtraHop's analysis of our wire data, we have a clear lens into how our IT systems and our business are actually functioning."

"ExtraHop is a critical piece of our IT operations analytics (ITOA) architecture and has helped our organization transform how we plan, respond to incidents, and serve the business," said an Executive Director for IT at a Leading Global Financial Services Company. "The capabilities in ExtraHop's fourth-generation platform open up richer and deeper insights, including correlation with other important data sets. The out-of-the-box visualization features enable us to explore our wire data more easily than ever."

This latest generation platform also includes recently released platform features, including ExtraHop's Open Data Stream (ODS) and the ExtraHop Healthcare Edition. ODS is ExtraHop's first-to-market open architecture that gives enterprise IT the flexibility and freedom to stream valuable data sets from ExtraHop into highly-scalable, and non-proprietary environments. The Healthcare Edition is the first and only IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solution designed to provide heterogeneous, real-time visibility into all HL7 transactions within a healthcare environment.

To get started with the ExtraHop platform, request your free, perpetually licensed virtual appliance for real-time monitoring.

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