Newgen Systems Taps ExtraHop to Deliver IT Visibility for Global Enterprise Customers

New Channel Partnership Expands ExtraHop's Presence in Australia and New Zealand and Empowers Newgen to Deliver Real-Time Operational Intelligence to Enterprise Customers


SEATTLE, WA – July 10, 2014 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT operational intelligence, today announced a partnership with Newgen Systems, an innovative networking and IT monitoring and consulting company. With a focus on Australia and New Zealand, Newgen offers leading edge analytic tools specializing in traffic visibility, monitoring, security, operational intelligence, analytics, and cloud solutions. Through its partnership with ExtraHop, Newgen can now offer its customers correlated visibility across all tiers of the IT environment, empowering them to streamline their operations with real-time intelligence about the performance, availability, and security of their applications and infrastructure.

"As the IT infrastructures of our global customer base have become increasingly complex, Newgen has actively sought to add solutions to our technology portfolio that provide deeper visibility into these environments," said Robert Perin, Managing Director at Newgen. "ExtraHop's wire data analytics platform provides significant differentiation, ease of use, and rapid deployment, giving our customers the visibility they need to get to the root of IT and business challenges. Newgen looks forward to expanding our established relationship with ExtraHop to bring widespread adoption in the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces."

The ExtraHop wire data analytics platform goes far beyond traditional performance management tools, passively monitoring all L2-L7 communications, including full bidirectional transactional payloads. Users can start with a high-level view of performance and then drill down to granular device- and transaction-level details to quickly and easily pinpoint the root cause of a problem. The ExtraHop wire data analytics platform reduces troubleshooting times and the need for specialists, empowering IT teams to streamline operations and provide business stakeholders with the information they need to make data-supported decisions. The operational intelligence provided by ExtraHop has already resulted in significant cost-savings for organizations such as McKesson, Concur, and Alaska Airlines.

"Newgen has deep expertise working with global enterprise customers to integrate leading next-generation technologies that enhance the performance of data centers, networks, and the cloud," said Tom Estep, Vice President of Channel Sales at ExtraHop. "Through our partnership with Newgen, ExtraHop is strongly positioned to continue our global expansion and increase our footprint in Australia and New Zealand."

Over the past year, ExtraHop has delivered to market a host of new solutions built to provide visibility into the performance, availability, and security of data centers, networks, and cloud. In November 2013, the company announced the ExtraHop for Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution, designed to optimize and provide visibility into the performance of workloads running in cloud environments. In August 2013, ExtraHop announced the Persistent Monitoring Architecture, a joint solution with Arista Networks enabling real-time, persistent mobile visibility into hyper-dynamic, software-defined environments.

About Newgen Systems

Newgen Systems is an innovative Australian based networking and IT monitoring, and consulting company, established in 2006. Newgen is focused on the distribution and systems integration of world class technology, designed to assist our customers with network triage, and drastically reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) metrics. We do this by offering solutions built for high-speed data access, network and application visibility, monitoring, analytics, and security. We offer leading edge analytic tools to enhance network monitoring of data centres, service providers, enterprises and in the cloud. Additionally, we offer extensive skills, experience and value in independent network testing, monitoring and network solution architecture services.

About ExtraHop

ExtraHop is on a mission to arm security teams to confront active threats and stop breaches. Our Reveal(x) 360 platform, powered by cloud-scale AI, covertly decrypts and analyzes all cloud and network traffic in real time to eliminate blind spots and detect threats that other tools miss. Sophisticated machine learning models are applied to petabytes of telemetry collected continuously, helping ExtraHop customers to identify suspicious behavior and secure over 15 million IT assets, 2 million POS systems, and 50 million patient records. ExtraHop is a market share leader in network detection and response with 30 recent industry awards including Forbes AI 50, Cybercrime Ransomware 25, and SC Media Security Innovator.

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