ExtraHop Announces Innovative Integration with AppDynamics Combining Wire Data and Agent Data To Deliver Network and Application-Tier Transaction Tracing

New Integration Leverages ExtraHop's Open Data Stream and AppDynamics' Application Intelligence Platform to Deliver Simple and Comprehensive End-to-End Insight into IT Infrastructure and Application Performance


LAS VEGAS, NV – AppSphere – November 4, 2014ExtraHop, the leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT and business operational intelligence, and AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader, today announced a partnership based on deep product integration that is the first and only solution to provide real-time per-user transaction tracing across the entire application delivery chain. By integrating the two technology data sets, this new functionality enables enterprises to view both wire data and agent data together, maintaining consistent per-user transaction information.

"There is a growing recognition among those in the IT community that no single source of data can provide the comprehensive visibility necessary to effectively manage the complexity of today's infrastructures and applications," said Julie Craig, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates. "With this integration, ExtraHop and AppDynamics are meeting the demand for the kind of multi-source, data-driven insight that the industry now requires."

Leveraging ExtraHop's Open Data Stream technology, the partnership combines the complementary transaction-tracing capabilities of both solutions to provide a single, unified, and correlated view of agent data and wire data. With this integration, the ExtraHop platform recognizes and traces AppDynamics-tagged transactions across network tiers, enabling ExtraHop to measure latency at every network hop and stream the results into the AppDynamics platform for correlation with the application performance data. This multi-source data analysis provides teams across the IT organization, including Application, Development, Security, and Network, with correlated, cross-tier visibility that encourages collaboration and lays the foundation for greater efficiency.

"Coupled with AppDynamics' powerful distributed transaction correlation, the ExtraHop integration provides a complementary breakdown of component-level network latencies," said Matthew Polly, Head of Business Development and Global Alliances, AppDynamics. "The combination of our two solutions and data sets empower our customers with the critical visibility and insight they need to make smarter, data-driven decisions."

"ExtraHop has been advocating a move away from the traditional tool-centric and proprietary approach for managing IT to an open and data-driven one, defined by meaningful data integration. By tracking AppDynamics' distribution transaction correlation capability, visualizing and trending those transactions in our own platform and then streaming the same data set to AppDynamics, ExtraHop has created a unified cross-tier view in both platforms that previously wasn't practical or possible in IT. While wire data and agent data are by themselves very powerful, this integration opens up a whole new set of performance, optimization, and security insights for our customers," said Erik Giesa, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, ExtraHop.

To learn more about how ExtraHop is working with AppDynamics, check out the partner datasheet, Combine Wire Data with Agent Data for Comprehensive Visibility. To get started with ExtraHop, request your free-forever ExtraHop virtual appliance for real-time monitoring.

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