ExtraHop Unveils Healthcare Edition Combining Real-Time Analysis of HL7 Data with Deep, Rich Wire Data Insight

Leading Wire Data Analytics Platform, a "Force Multiplier" for Healthcare IT, Delivering Unprecedented Levels of IT Operational and Clinical Informatics


SEATTLE, WA – September 10, 2014 – ExtraHop Networks, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT operational intelligence, today announced the ExtraHop Healthcare Edition, the first and only IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solution with the ability to provide heterogeneous, real-time visibility into all HL7 transactions within a healthcare environment. Healthcare IT and business leaders can now proactively discover and map HL7 communications across interfaces, analyze the performance and effectiveness of clinical workflows, and derive a wide range of valuable operational and business insights. This capability, combined with ExtraHop's market leading cross-tier application performance, availability, and security monitoring makes the new Healthcare Edition the most comprehensive solution for Health IT on the market.

According to Gartner analyst, Barry Runyon, in the August 2014 report, Situational Awareness Is at the Heart of the Real-Time Healthcare System, "Situational awareness is the engine behind various 'hospital of the future,' 'digital hospital' and 'smart patient room' initiatives. It is at the heart of the real-time healthcare system. Situational awareness involves: (1) gathering information; (2) understanding that information in context; and (3) making short-term projections based on the current state. HDOs are real-time healthcare systems to the extent that they have mastered situational awareness. HDO CIOs will need to create situational awareness and intelligence in an environment rich with device technology and immature in technologies that create an integrated intelligence that crosses the IT/OT divide."

Given these pressures, healthcare CIOs are increasingly looking for ways to address these challenges by leveraging innovative technology. In response, ExtraHop has introduced a Healthcare Edition of its leading Wire Data Analytics platform, a product specially designed to overcome the significant performance, end-user experience, data integration, and real-time analysis challenges facing healthcare organizations.

"ExtraHop has proven invaluable in some of Seattle Children's most significant IT achievements, including the success of our VDI deployment," said Wes Wright, CIO at Seattle Children's Hospital. "We have been working with ExtraHop on HL7 analytics capabilities and are thrilled to have real-time visibility into our HL7 interface environment that was not available with any other technology."

In addition to the value that the Healthcare Edition provides to a wide range of customers, ExtraHop's recently-announced Open Data Stream technology allows healthcare IT teams to stream the ExtraHop dataset to a highly scalable, non-proprietary database like MongoDB, or a powerful search, analytics, and data visualization suite like the Elasticsearch ELK stack, enabling customers to achieve the following:

  • Richer and deeper insights by comparing and contrasting healthcare data from multiple sources.
  • Greater control over where critical patient data is stored and how it is queried, manipulated, and collected.
  • Increased flexibility of available business intelligence and analytics tools.
"ExtraHop is a force multiplier for stretched healthcare IT teams, equipping them with real-time insights that they did not have before," said Todd Forgie, vice president hosted & managed services at MEDHOST. "The new HL7 analytics capabilities open up tremendous new possibilities in terms of HL7 efficacy and operational intelligence."

"Healthcare IT professionals face management and visibility challenges associated with the recent explosion of data in their environments," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO and co-founder of ExtraHop. "With this announcement, we are ushering in a new era of comprehensive IT and business insight for healthcare organizations. ExtraHop's solutions enable these teams to more effectively derive valuable intelligence from the massive amounts of data they are currently struggling to manage."

For more information on ExtraHop Healthcare Edition capabilities, visit the ExtraHop for Healthcare webpage and read the new white paper, Five Ways Wire Data Enables Real-Time Healthcare Systems.

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