ExtraHop Demonstrates the Extensibility of Its Wire Data Analytics Platform with Three New Solution Modules

Cloud App Monitoring, WAN Optimization, and Compliance and Security Analytics Modules Enable Both IT and Business Teams to Derive Crucial Insight into Performance, Availability, and Security


SEATTLE, WA – January 29, 2014 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT operational intelligence, today announced three new solution modules that empower IT organizations to tackle critical challenges around cloud applications, WAN optimization, and security. With these new modules, which are free to current customers, ExtraHop further enables IT teams to leverage wire data for deep, targeted visibility into their IT environments. This visibility provides IT organizations with a way to more proactively monitor, optimize, and secure increasingly complex IT architectures; derisk the environment; and drive better business and IT decisions.

"As IT architectures grow increasingly complex and dynamic, one of the biggest challenges facing IT teams is simply knowing the right questions to ask," said Bernd Harzog, analyst with The Virtualization Practice. "With these new modules, ExtraHop is providing IT organizations with a flexible, nimble platform to help determine the right questions, and quickly get to the right answers."

"Today's IT organizations face significant hurdles when it comes to performance, availability, and particularly security, an issue that is top of mind for many organizations in the wake of several recent high-profile breaches," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop. "Our customers have already gained crucial insights through analyzing wire data in their complex IT environments. Now they can go one step further with our new modules, which leverage the extensibility of the ExtraHop platform and are available for free. ExtraHop makes it easy and cost-efficient for IT teams to maximize the power of our wire data analytics platform."

The latest solution modules from ExtraHop are purpose-built to help IT teams ensure the security of their environment, while giving them the tools they need to optimize the end-user experience:

Cloud App Monitoring Module Shines a Light on Shadow IT

One of the biggest challenges IT departments have faced in recent years is the issue of shadow IT, with no meaningful way to oversee when and how employees are using business and consumer cloud applications. Knowing that they exist isn't enough. With the ExtraHop Cloud App Monitoring module, IT organizations have the power to proactively tackle shadow IT. The Cloud App Monitoring module automatically discovers and shows end-user procured cloud apps running in the IT environment—including Salesforce, Google Docs, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, and more. With this new solution module from ExtraHop, IT teams can determine who is using what application, when, how extensively, and how frequently. The module includes the most commonly used cloud applications out of the box and is easily customizable and extensible to the specific demands of an individual organization. ExtraHop's Cloud App module is designed to leverage the collective intelligence of ExtraHop's burgeoning user community where they can openly contribute to Cloud App definitions, continuously improving and evolving visibility into shadow IT. With the Cloud App module, IT teams gain the visibility they need to protect data and reduce risk for IT and the business at large.

WAN Optimization Analytics Module Enables IT to Maximize the Value of Optimization

The ExtraHop WAN Optimization Analytics module arms IT teams with the insight they need to comprehensively evaluate WAN optimization solutions and make their WAN optimization more efficient. Without insights from wire data, most IT organizations have little understanding of the traffic being accessed on their WAN at any given time, what the end user is experiencing, and if it can be optimized. As a result, many look for WAN optimization solutions without actually knowing whether or not, and in what capacity, optimization is needed. The ExtraHop WAN Optimization Analytics module enables IT teams to identify, down to the user level, what and how frequently applications and files are being accessed over the WAN and how they are performing. The module then correlates that information with network bandwidth consumption to give these organizations an accurate picture of how they should deploy WAN optimization or how they could be using their existing WAN more effectively.

Security and Compliance Module Gives IT an Edge against Emerging Threats with Pervasive Visibility across Tiers

ExtraHop has also upgraded its popular Security and Compliance module to deliver pervasive, contextual monitoring specifically aimed at the detection of data breaches. As Target recently learned in the wake of its massive holiday data breach, reactive security solutions are rapidly becoming insufficient on their own. To adequately protect themselves, IT organizations are beginning to take the perspective that their systems have already been compromised, implementing a proactive approach to monitoring and aiming to understand normal and abnormal behavior in the environment.

Powered by the ExtraHop Context and Correlation Engine, coupled with specialized security-focused trending and alerting, the ExtraHop Security and Compliance module provides continuous real-time monitoring of data exfiltration through DNS records, brute-force attacks against Active Directory, data leakage in VDI environments, file access and control, and anomalous database access attempts. The ExtraHop Security and Compliance module easily fits within an organization's existing security framework, seamlessly integrating with SIEM platforms and complementing log or machine data systems like VMware Log Insight. While machine data is limited to self-reported system event data, ExtraHop's wire data analytics observes contextual behavior across all tiers of IT environment. Together, these two data sources of IT visibility help to create a foundation for a robust security analytics architecture.

To try out the ExtraHop Wire Data Analytics platform, including the new solutions modules, download our free, forever virtual appliance. Visit the ExtraHop solution modules page to see the complete list of offerings.

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