ExtraHop Provides Support for the New Citrix XenDesktop 7

At Citrix Synergy™ 2013, ExtraHop Will Participate in a Geek Speak Live! Session on Monitoring Desktop Virtualization Environments with Wire Data and Machine Data

SEATTLE, WA AND LOS ANGELES, CA – May 22, 2013 – Today at Citrix Synergy™, ExtraHop Networks announced that its IT operational intelligence platform will support the new Citrix XenDesktop® 7, also announced today at Citrix Synergy. This new version is the next major release of the market-leading solution and is designed to help businesses mobilize their core Windows line-of-business apps. XenDesktop 7 introduces easy deployment, simple administration, time-saving automation, and a flexible new architecture that prepares IT to leverage private, public, and hybrid cloud resources.

The ExtraHop platform is verified as Citrix Ready® for XenDesktop®, XenApp®, and NetScaler. By conducting real-time analysis for communications over the wire, ExtraHop enables IT teams to not only monitor end-user experience, but also correlates frontend issues to performance in the backend environment, including network, authentication, middleware, database, and storage.

ExtraHop's agentless platform is perfectly aligned with mobile and cloud-services capabilities in XenDesktop 7, particularly in the following areas:

  • Mobility – XenDesktop 7 features new Citrix HDX technologies for a mobile-native look and feel for Windows applications and desktops. ExtraHop supports enterprise mobile efforts by providing IT Operations teams with real-time performance metrics segmented by operating systems, device types, and users. Moreover, the ExtraHop platform works for all devices connected to the network. With ExtraHop, IT organizations can confidently move forward with mobile efforts such as BYOD without worrying about losing visibility into end-user experience.
  • Cloud-style simplicity – XenDesktop 7 offers cloud-style automation and scale, enabling enterprises to provision virtualized desktops and applications as easily as a cloud-computing provider, even to users using mobile consumer devices. These capabilities fit perfectly with ExtraHop's agentless approach to monitoring, which auto-discovers and auto-classifies applications and devices and automatically adjusts to changes in the environment. With ExtraHop, IT teams never have to worry about configuring their monitoring solutions or installing and updating agents. In addition, ExtraHop's subscription-based pricing enables enterprises to scale their monitoring needs as their virtual environment grows for as little as $0.75 per day, per machine.
ExtraHop is a member of the Citrix Ready program, and the ExtraHop IT operational intelligence platform is verified to enhance Citrix environments. Customers can be confident that the ExtraHop platform has successfully passed a series of tests established by Citrix and can be trusted to work effectively with XenDesktop.

Many thought-leading ExtraHop users pair ExtraHop's wire-data analysis with logs and other machine data stored and indexed in a Big Data solution such as Splunk. This combination of wire-data and machine-data is especially advantageous for Citrix administrators and other IT Operations professionals who need a consolidated view into all of their monitoring data.

A discussion panel at Citrix Synergy™ 2013 on May 22, from 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm in Room 210B, will cover the above scenario. ExtraHop CEO Jesse Rothstein will join solution architects from Splunk and Citrix and moderator Brandon Shell for a Geek Speak Live! session, Data everywhere and still no visibility: How to consolidate your Citrix data for greater insights. These three industry experts will discuss how to best monitor, standardize, and derive operational intelligence from data in complex desktop virtualization environments, including XenDesktop 7.

"Citrix environments are extremely complex, and obtaining an adequate level of visibility can be challenging," said Rothstein. "Although being able to gather data from an abundance of sources is great, it quickly becomes a problem if IT teams cannot correlate and perform analysis on that data. Our panel session will explain how data can be converted into a standardized, flexible format and combined in a Big Data solution for a holistic, end-to-end view of Citrix environments."

Try the free interactive ExtraHop demo, and learn more by visiting booth 409 at Citrix Synergy.

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