ExtraHop Propels Enterprise Cloud Adoption with Deep Visibility into AWS Environments

New Solution Delivers Real-Time Monitoring that Optimizes the Performance, Availability, Security, and Efficiency of Applications in AWS


SEATTLE, WA – November 6, 2013ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT operational intelligence, today announced the availability of ExtraHop for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the first and only solution delivering persistent, real-time visibility to optimize applications running in AWS environments. The ExtraHop for AWS solution extends the power of ExtraHop's wire data analytics platform to span on-premises and cloud environments in a single management pane, enabling IT organizations to accelerate public cloud adoption by identifying applications for migration and then optimizing their performance, availability, and security. ExtraHop will be demonstrating the AWS solution at booth #805 at AWS re:Invent, November 12–15, 2013.

"Unlike cloud monitoring products that measure simple resource utilization, ExtraHop delivers full AWS transaction-level visibility painting a much clearer picture of our AWS environment," said John Hluboky, VP of Technical Operations, Practice Fusion. "Coupled with the monitoring of our on-premises applications and infrastructure, ExtraHop's rich AWS service visibility shows us what's actually happening no matter where our resources or applications are running, whether they're on-premises or in the cloud."

"The business and agility benefits of public cloud services such as AWS are a definite positive, but the loss of operational visibility is not, resulting in a significant barrier to adoption," said Jim Frey, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. "Past attempts to solve this have force-fit traditional monitoring tools into virtual packages, with little or no attention paid to the unique attributes of AWS environments and services. ExtraHop for AWS is the first solution that restores rich performance visibility inside the cloud while also delivering actionable insights into how workloads are performing on AWS, specifically. This mitigates the visibility barrier, and opens the door to new possibilities for optimization, automation, and cost control."

ExtraHop for AWS delivers unparalleled visibility and diagnostics across all AWS services, including EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, Elasticache, DNS, and others. With wire data analytics that extend far beyond simple resource utilization monitoring, ExtraHop enables IT teams to predictably monitor workload performance; understand differences between AWS regions and zones; accurately track efficiency and performance-based SLAs; and ensure security with pervasive, contextual monitoring. ExtraHop for AWS also enables IT teams to better identify applications for migration and architect them for optimal performance post-migration. The ExtraHop for AWS solution offers a host of key capabilities:

  • Strategically Architected AWS Deployments: ExtraHop for AWS gives IT teams visibility into transaction volume, variability, latency, errors, size, and other metrics for AWS regions and zones. These critical insights into workload characteristics enable teams to optimize AWS deployments and better manage costs based on true workload requirements.
  • Optimization of AWS Database Performance: ExtraHop for AWS shows query volume, methods, errors, SQL statements, and related details, providing visibility into transaction-level database metrics and enabling IT teams to identify the best database applications to migrate to AWS. Once in AWS, ExtraHop provides granular, transaction-level metrics in RDS to identify, diagnose, and optimize query performance.
  • Visibility into Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto-Scaling: ExtraHop for AWS shows real-time ELB and auto-scaling events and correlates them with the end-user experience. With ExtraHop for AWS, IT organizations can intelligently set ELB and auto-scaling policies and size instances properly, automatically scale up new EC2 instances based on transaction metrics, and detect and respond to DDoS attacks immediately to minimize impact on end users.
  • Integration with AWS CloudWatch: ExtraHop for AWS supplements CloudWatch's visibility into AWS resource utilization, automatically feeding CloudWatch standard transactional metrics such as RDS or EC2 per client transaction response times. It also ensures more-informed capacity planning and identifies which zones and regions best serve users based on the performance of the applications, end-user experience, and the supporting AWS services. Finally, it can easily be extended to instrument nearly any transactional element, and those custom metrics can also be integrated with AWS CloudWatch.
"In the past three years, private cloud computing has moved from an aspiration to a tentative reality for nearly half of large enterprises. Agility is the main driver, and transforming processes and culture remain the toughest challenges. Hybrid cloud computing is at the same place today that private cloud was three years ago; actual deployments are low, aspirations are high, and nearly half of large enterprises will likely have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017," wrote Thomas J. Bittman, VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, in his September 2013 report titled Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud Is Next.

"As IT environments become increasingly dynamic and virtualized, the introduction of public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service is adding yet another layer of complexity to the mix," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop. "By extending our wire data analytics solution into AWS, we have created a common IT Operations Management architecture for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. ExtraHop delivers the deepest insight into the performance, availability, and security of applications regardless of where they reside, streamlining cloud adoption in the process."

For more information about ExtraHop, visit us at AWS re:Invent in booth #804. To get started, request your free, perpetually licensed virtual appliance for real-time monitoring.

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