ExtraHop Helps MedSolutions Gain Holistic Visibility for Applications and Infrastructure

Healthcare Cost-Management Service Uses ExtraHop for Continual Improvement and Real-Time Operational Intelligence for All IT Groups

SEATTLE, WA— January 8, 2013 ExtraHop Networks, the leading provider of network-based application performance management (APM) solutions, today announced that healthcare cost-management services provider MedSolutions uses the ExtraHop system to continually improve the speed, reliability, and efficiency of its applications and infrastructure. Whereas most performance monitoring tools serve specialist teams, ExtraHop equips all IT groups at MedSolutions with the operational intelligence needed to improve collaboration, establish performance baselines, reduce risk for new application rollouts, and deliver a better overall customer experience.

"ExtraHop is more than just a monitoring tool for one group. It provides value to every IT team," says Joseph Steele, VP of IT Infrastructure, MedSolutions. "Most monitoring tools are specialized for one particular area. But with ExtraHop, we gain visibility for all our applications in production without having to worry about modifying our systems or installing agents. Without this unified view, we would have to rely on multiple monitoring tools and try to correlate disparate data elements, an inefficient and ineffective alternative."

At MedSolutions, multiple IT groups rely on the ExtraHop system for real-time operational intelligence. ExtraHop benefits the entire IT organization in many ways:

  • Network engineers tune and troubleshoot network devices, identifying sources of network congestion.
  • Systems administrators monitor server health, authentication infrastructure, domain name services, and other critical IT infrastructure services.
  • Database administrators gain insight into how applications are using each database.
  • Application architects compare the performance of proposed changes against historical application baselines.
  • Application developers reduce risk for application rollouts with holistic visibility during staging and in production.
  • Senior IT management monitor service levels for customers and support IT management decisions.
"With ExtraHop, MedSolutions has a real-time, holistic view of all our applications and infrastructure," says Satish Dave, CIO at MedSolutions. "This operational intelligence enables us to quickly answer questions and take action to improve performance and efficiency."

ExtraHop's cross-tier visibility helps MedSolutions to monitor the performance of applications and infrastructure in its two datacenters, which are more than 70 percent virtualized. With real-time operational intelligence provided by ExtraHop, MedSolutions can benchmark performance and quickly answer questions about application responsiveness, infrastructure capacity, and the impact of changes in the IT environment. Additionally, ExtraHop's completely passive deployment enables MedSolutions to gain this visibility without having to install invasive agents, which add system overhead and could crash the applications they are meant to monitor.

"I am impressed by the commitment of the MedSolutions team to continually improve the performance of their applications and infrastructure, and am proud that they have chosen ExtraHop to help make that happen," says Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop. "MedSolutions demonstrates the significant gains that can be achieved when every group in the IT organization has visibility into not only their own domain but performance across the entire application delivery chain."

To download the case study PDF detailing how various IT groups use the ExtraHop system to correct slow application transactions and solve network issues, visit http://bit.ly/TnUTHA.

About MedSolutions

MedSolutions is a medical cost management company, saving money for health plans and people by improving patient care. We achieve this through management programs for advanced imaging, cardiac imaging, radiation therapy, ultrasound, sleep management, oncology, spine surgery and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), as well as our groundbreaking Premerus® program, which ensures that patients receive expert diagnoses. We approach everything we do like a treating physician. We base our guidelines on patient symptoms. Our doctors and nurses review patient cases within their specialties. We reward physicians who consistently provide the best care. MedSolutions aligns the best interests of health plans, physicians and, most importantly, patients. We are proud to help 27 million Americans receive higher quality, lower cost healthcare. MedSolutions has been recognized for outstanding customer service and effective call center management by the International Customer Management Institute and for four consecutive years by the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates Award. Visit www.medsolutions.com.

About ExtraHop

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