New ExtraHop Appliance Delivers Industry-First 20Gbps Real-Time Transaction Analysis

[4/16/2018 - Editor's update: ExtraHop has now released a 100 Gbps appliance. Read more in our blog post: How ExtraHop Analyzes 1 PB+ Per Day Without Breaking a Sweat]

Multicore Processing, Proprietary Architecture, and High-Speed Datastore Deliver 10 Times the Performance and Functionality at One-Tenth of the Cost Compared to the Competition

SEATTLE, WA — April 2, 2013 ExtraHop Networks, the leading provider of real-time IT operational intelligence, today announced its new EH8000 flagship appliance, the first all-in-one solution capable of real-time, L2–L7 transaction analysis for a sustained 20Gbps of throughput, over 400,000 HTTP transactions per second, and bulk encryption at 20Gbps with 35,000 transactions per second for 2048-bit keys. ExtraHop's proprietary architecture makes the EH8000 the undisputed price-performance leader in the IT operations management industry, enabling companies to extract application-level transaction details from massive volumes of network traffic with a single appliance. Many products that claim real-time transaction analysis can only handle a limited number of concurrent flows while storing the bulk of the packets for offline analysis. These legacy monitoring solutions require multiple network probes, reporting and analysis servers, and terabytes of expensive external storage. As a result, they cannot scale to meet the demands of upcoming 40Gb and 100Gb networks without breaking the bank for customers and adding layers of complexity. "When we founded ExtraHop, we had a vision for a scalable solution that was simple for organizations to deploy and maintain," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop Networks. "We were the first to achieve sustained 10Gbps real-time transaction analysis and now we have achieved another industry first by delivering sustained 20Gbps analysis with the EH8000. This level of performance in a single appliance, paired with our subscription-based pricing model, enables organizations to analyze 10 times the amount of traffic at one-tenth of the price of competing products while providing the best visibility across all tiers." With ExtraHop's proprietary microkernel, the ExtraHop platform performs full-stream reassembly of all traffic at wire speed. This truly application-fluent analysis of transactions and their full payload makes it possible to extract application-level details in real time, such as the URI and the user associated with a particular HTTP error, a slow stored database procedure, the method used in a SQL query, or the name of a corrupt file in network-attached storage. "As the volume and speed of data center traffic increases, IT teams have greater difficulty maintaining visibility into the application workloads traversing the network," said Brad Casemore, Director of Research for data center Networking at IDC. "ExtraHop is among those who have responded to the requirement for a scalable solution that can deliver application-level visibility amid a rising tide of potentially murky application traffic." The new EH8000's analysis capabilities reinforce ExtraHop's position as the most cost-effective IT operational intelligence solution in the industry. With pricing as low as $9 per server per month, the ExtraHop platform can cost up to 90 percent less than agent-based application performance management (APM), network performance management (NPM), or business transaction management (BTM) products. Additionally, the ExtraHop platform provides unmatched out-of-the-box functionality supporting a broad array of standard and proprietary protocols that cover the network, DNS, authentication and directory services, web, virtualization, middleware, database, and storage tiers. For more information about the technical architecture that powers the EH8000, read the blog post: Under the Hood: Why ExtraHop Can Claim 20Gbps Real-Time Transaction Analysis. Explore our [free, interactive demo](/demo/) to experience the power of wire data for yourself.

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