Reflex Systems and ExtraHop Networks Partner to Drive IT Automation in Virtual Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure


Together, Reflex and ExtraHop deliver integrated infrastructure and application context to performance management


ATLANTA, GA AND SAN FRANCISCO, CA, (VMworld) – August 28, 2012 – Reflex Systems, a leader in virtualization management and automation solutions, and ExtraHop Networks, the leading provider of network-based application performance management (APM) solutions, today announced a partnership that will enable enterprises to leverage combined application and infrastructure performance data to enhance visibility into IT environments and increase the predictability and level of automation within virtualized datacenters and cloud infrastructure.

Together, Reflex and ExtraHop will leverage the award-winning technologies of Reflex VMC and the ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system to provide customers with powerful, customizable analytics, combining infrastructure and application context to give a more realistic view of performance issues and the impact of configuration changes within the enterprise. ExtraHop also joins Reflex's Private Cloud Initiative to simplify IT management for IT staff tasked with building and managing private clouds. The Private Cloud Initiative was created to bring best-of-breed partners together to provide solutions that enhance automation, provisioning, and management to enable private clouds and align IT with broader business objectives.

"We are excited to partner with ExtraHop and welcome them into the Private Cloud Initiative," said Preston Futrell, President and CEO of Reflex Systems. "Our goal is to provide virtualization and cloud management solutions that address real enterprise challenges, such as connecting the dots between the performance of applications and the infrastructure they run on. It is important to bring these two perspectives together and provide appropriate context for the teams managing data center infrastructure to fuel automation of IT within the enterprise."

The integrated solution will enable Operations and Application teams to independently manage virtual and cloud infrastructure while leveraging combined intelligence from the Reflex and ExtraHop solutions. Integrating Reflex's virtualization management and automation with ExtraHop's application performance monitoring provides a broader and deeper context for managing the virtual infrastructure and application performance of the enterprise.

"With this partnership, enterprises can more intelligently manage their private cloud environments and the applications that run on them," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO and co-founder of ExtraHop Networks. "Together, we enable IT organizations to integrate application monitoring and automation and thereby increase their efficiency and responsiveness. This type of visibility and control will be all the more crucial as IT environments scale in size, speed, and complexity."

Reflex plans to leverage ExtraHop's rich API for integration to enable enterprises to:

  • See clear correlation between application performance and underlying virtual infrastructure and determine the impact of configuration changes in real time without the use of agents or probes
  • Combine the intelligence of application and infrastructure performance to create comprehensive visibility across the environment or through multi-tenant views
  • Proactively monitor for potential performance problems to ensure that business-critical transactions do not fail
  • Troubleshoot and pinpoint the root cause of performance issues to make better decisions and automate IT processes
  • Enable independent management with richer combined intelligence for Operations and Application teams
  • Customize performance analytics, reports, and alerts for various audiences, teams, and tenants
For more information, visit Reflex Systems at booth #517 and ExtraHop Networks at booth #2335 at VMworld 2012 August 26 – August 30 in San Francisco, CA.

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Reflex Systems provides enterprise software solutions that vastly improve the ability for organizations to manage, scale, and automate virtualized data centers and private clouds. By integrating monitoring, performance, capacity, configuration management and security in a single solution, companies can streamline automation, reduce cost, increase performance, and provide flexibility and scalability for IT resources. Purpose-built for virtualization, Reflex VMC (Virtualization Management Center), in conjunction with vWatch, vTrust, vProfile and vCapacity, provides infrastructure discovery and visualization, timeline-based management, application/services inventory, network security, performance, capacity, configuration management and dynamic policy enforcement. Reflex Systems is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is privately held. For more information, including a trial download of Reflex VMC, visit Follow Reflex at and The vCurve Blog:


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