ExtraHop Networks and Splunk Deliver Complete Application Performance Monitoring for Market-Leading Enterprises

Customers Replace Legacy Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools with Combination of Real‑Time Monitoring and Big Data Operational Intelligence Solutions from ExtraHop and Splunk

SEATTLE, WA – September 11, 2012ExtraHop Networks, the leading provider of network-based application performance management (APM) solutions, has collaborated with Splunk, the leader in real-time operational intelligence software, to offer businesses unprecedented end-to-end visibility of application environments. The collaboration was precipitated by a number of thought-leading joint customers that have retired legacy APM tools in favor of a combination of the ExtraHop system and Splunk software. One of these joint customers is the world's largest online travel company, which uses a combination of the two solutions almost exclusively to manage application performance. Splunk and ExtraHop take new and better approaches to solving application performance challenges and were both recently listed in the Gartner report, APM Innovators: Driving APM Technology and Delivery Evolution.

"ExtraHop and Splunk have proven invaluable to our organization and have radically improved our application performance monitoring capabilities," said a Senior Director of Architecture and Engineering at the travel company, which operates a portfolio of leading travel sites. "I am excited about the new integration between ExtraHop and Splunk; it makes my IT operations data easier to visualize and more actionable."

ExtraHop provides real-time application performance monitoring and trend-based alerting using a non-invasive, network-based deployment. Splunk Enterprise provides the platform to monitor, analyze, and manage the data from ExtraHop and other sources. The ExtraHop system plays a vital role in providing visibility into network and application activity across all business services; Splunk software provides the analysis, trending, and visualization of this data in the context of all other data in the datacenter. Together, they provide a complete view of the health and performance of all applications for which the IT Operations team is responsible.

The Splunk App for ExtraHop helps to visualize and analyze ExtraHop data in Splunk. The policy-based logging capability in the ExtraHop system enables IT Operations teams to achieve the following goals:

  • Generate consistently formatted logs across heterogeneous data center components, such as network storage systems. For the first time in the industry, the ExtraHop system provides logging of networking, application, database, and storage metrics in a consistent manner regardless of vendor.
  • Log high-priority events, anomalies, or thresholds with precision and according to set policies.
  • Log specific correlated network, web, VDI, database, or storage events monitored by the ExtraHop system, such as when database transactions exceed a set amount from one or more specified clients or file access times across heterogeneous networked storage systems exceed a certain threshold.
"We are excited about the ExtraHop and Splunk integration," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop Networks. "Our policy-based logging capability enables customers to export metrics to Splunk Enterprise that they otherwise could not because of performance concerns—such as end-user experience, network performance trends, database queries, and storage internals. Several forward-thinking customers are already using ExtraHop and Splunk together to meet their complete application performance management needs. The integration of our products will accelerate our customers' time-to-value and enable them to retire their legacy APM tools."

"Both Splunk and ExtraHop are pushing the envelope for application performance management," said Bill Gaylord, SVP of Business Development, Splunk. "With the correlation that Splunk Enterprise provides between ExtraHop data and other IT data sources, data center operations teams have a whole new level of visibility and control."

For more information about ExtraHop's award-winning network-based APM solutions, visit www.extrahop.com/products, and for further background on Splunk's operational intelligence solutions for applications, security, the cloud, and more, visit www.splunk.com/solutions. To read more about the partnership, visit the ExtraHop and Splunk partner page.

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