ExtraHop Introduces Subscription-Based Pricing, Extending Its Lead in Cost-Effective Application Performance Management (APM)

New Virtual Appliance Pricing Options Combine Lowest Cost with Highest Functioning APM Solution, Removing yet Another Obstacle to Enabling Agile IT Operations


SEATTLE, WA August 20, 2012 ExtraHop Networks, the leading provider of network-based application performance management (APM) solutions, announced today subscription-based pricing options as low as $13 per month, per host or virtual machine for its EH1000v virtual appliance. This new pricing makes the ExtraHop system the most cost-effective way for organizations to adopt a next-generation APM solution that suits today's dynamic IT environments. With the new EH1000v subscription pricing, ExtraHop directly addresses the cost barrier to adopting APM by combining unrivaled functionality with the lowest total cost of ownership for any enterprise-grade APM product.

"Leveraging network data is often all that is needed to understand the interactions and performance of application components and is a good first step for application performance monitoring," said Gartner Research Director, Jonah Kowall. "In a SaaS model, subscription-based pricing eliminates the large capital expenditures and costly software contracts previously associated with APM projects. This helps organizations realize value faster."

The new EH1000v subscription pricing is based on a flat-rate annual subscription cost of $7,428 for a base system in North America. This entry-level offering can support up to 50 hosts or virtual machines with basic customer service support, bringing the cost of APM down to as little as $0.75 per day, per machine. Compared to the flat-rate annual subscription pricing offered by ExtraHop, agent-based solutions are typically priced according to the number of agents deployed.

ExtraHop's support for up to 50 devices per EH1000v appliance costs less than what most competitors charge to support far fewer devices and monitoring functions. For example, an ExtraHop EH1000v base system with additional Microsoft SQL Server database and network attached storage (NAS) modules carries a total annual cost of $13,644 in North America. By comparison, one agent-based SaaS APM vendor charges $4,000 per agent per two years, or $2,000 each year, until 10 or more agents are deployed, bringing the cost to $14,000 annually to support only seven devices with a tool that provides limited network visibility and no storage-tier visibility.

Unlike legacy APM tools, which rely on invasive software agents to measure CPU and memory utilization, ExtraHop's network-based APM solution provides visibility into end-to-end transaction performance. The ExtraHop system auto-discovers and auto-classifies every new device and application, delivering full visibility in as little as 15 minutes and drastically reducing installation and maintenance costs. With this advanced functionality, the ExtraHop system is already tremendously more cost-effective than any competing APM solution.

"IT organizations cannot afford to waste time and money on legacy approaches to APM that are not suited to today's complex and dynamic application environments," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop Networks. "Our network-based deployment, automatic adaptability to changes in the IT environment, visibility across the end-to-end application delivery chain, and ability to track custom metrics with Application Inspection Triggers (AI Triggers) technology put the ExtraHop system into a new class of APM solutions—one that frees IT organizations to stop managing their monitoring and to start managing performance. Our subscription-based pricing further lowers the barrier as organizations transition to more-agile operations."

For more information about ExtraHop Networks and additional details about its new subscription-based pricing options, visit www.extrahop.com/products/pricing. ExtraHop will be providing free versions of its new virtual appliance for holistic application monitoring in virtual environments as well as data-analysis service packages, a $30,000 value, to qualified attendees at VMworld 2012, August 26–30 in San Francisco. Stop by the ExtraHop booth (#2335) or contact the team for more information. Visit www.networktimeout.com to try out ExtraHop's free offline network packet analysis tool.

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