Axstores Selects ExtraHop Networks as Customer Momentum Grows in Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Increasing Complexity in Modern IT Environments Leads Organizations to Look for Innovative Approaches to Application Performance Management (APM)


SEATTLE, WA – April 3, 2012 – ExtraHop Networks, the leading provider of network-based application performance management (APM) solutions, today announced that it has won four new customers in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, including Axstores, a retail group in the Nordic region with more than 390 beauty, fashion, home furnishing, and department stores. The announcement comes just months after ExtraHop launched in EMEA and highlights the growing importance of the company's innovative network-based approach to APM.

Owen Cole, VP EMEA, ExtraHop Networks, comments: "The growth of complexity in today's IT environments, including cloud, virtualization, mobile, and agile development, means that traditional approaches to APM are no longer sufficient. Diagnosing and spotting problems is becoming incredibly difficult, and the recent wins by ExtraHop are proof that organizations are beginning to realize the significant value that a network-based approach can provide. In particular, we are seeing strong interest in the financial and ecommerce sectors."

Stefan Pörn, Operations Manager of Axstores comments: "Whether it's a customer browsing one of our online stores or an employee entering an order at checkout, the success of our business depends on fast and reliable performance. By providing a top-down view of application performance, the ExtraHop system enables us to measure performance across all tiers of our application environment and ensure that our customers and employees can quickly complete transactions and access information."

Pörn continues: "Previously, we were measuring the performance of individual elements of the infrastructure but could not easily isolate the root cause of interrelated problems. However, with the ExtraHop system, we can immediately see all the devices present on the network and their dependencies, as well as the impact of core network services such as LDAP and DNS on application performance."

When Axstores needed a monitoring solution to ensure the successful migration of a critical business application, the company implemented the ExtraHop system to perform the following business-critical functions:

  • Isolate an issue in the application servers that slowed performance for retail stores
  • Solve database performance issues related to indexing and poorly written application queries
  • Detect TCP timeouts caused by DNS issues and server misconfigurations using IPv6 instead of IPv4
  • Optimize HTTP front-end communications with back-end business systems
Owen concludes: "In today's connected world, customers expect services to be working 24/7 and deliver flawless performance. Any downtime or slowdown can be detrimental to both a brand's reputation and its revenue. Organizations need to be able to see, predict, and fix issues in real time, safeguarding the business from critical failure. It's a pleasure to be able to help customers improve their performance using our unique approach to combat these challenges. We look forward to the next phases of these projects and also potential new customers in the months to come."

To learn more about how ExtraHop supported the Axstores migration of a business-critical application, read the full Axstores application migration case study.

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