Leading Analyst Calls ExtraHop's Network-Based Application Performance Management (APM) Approach a "New Paradigm for Performance Monitoring"

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Says ExtraHop Uses a "Simple and Elegant Approach" to Align IT Operations with Business Needs


SEATTLE, WA – August 24, 2011 – ExtraHop Networks, a leading provider of network-based application performance management (APM) solutions, today announced a new report from analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) that discusses the need for APM solutions that bridge organizational boundaries and provide comprehensive understanding of application performance.

In the report, ExtraHop Networks Offers New Application Performance Option with NAPM Approach, author and EMA Managing Research Director Jim Frey notes, "IT teams are constantly looking for ways to align their operations with business needs. It's a race that they will never stop running. When it comes to application performance management and monitoring, this means that their management tools, technologies, and practices must be selected, deployed, and applied in the context of application and service transactions. And this is what ExtraHop helps them to achieve with a simple and elegant approach."

As Frey notes, applications are growing increasingly complex and fluid in nature, making it all the more important for the network to be able to provide a comprehensive view of application performance. The report from EMA emphasizes this point and delves into a comparison of legacy approaches to optimizing application performance and the network-based APM approach used by ExtraHop. While legacy solutions, including network performance management (NPM) and "application-aware" NPM solutions, use active and synthetic test agents, network device flow records, and packet inspection probe appliances, the ExtraHop solution offers agentless, real-time application transaction analysis at Layer 7 in addition to network and device details from Layer 2 to Layer 4. According to the report, this approach provides the additional visibility missing in so-called "application-aware" NPM tools and is simpler to deploy and maintain than APM tools that require host-based agents. Additionally, this approach effectively bridges the gap between Application and Network teams, providing visibility across the network, web, database, and storage tiers of the application infrastructure.

"Other attempts to address this need have come up short, focusing on pieces of the whole and leaving IT teams with an incomplete picture of application performance," says Jesse Rothstein, CEO and co-founder, ExtraHop Networks. "With the ExtraHop system, we provide an integrated view of application performance that helps IT organizations contribute significant business value and improve customer satisfaction. This report from EMA validates our leadership in the APM market by detailing the substantial innovation we've achieved in performance visibility from both a network and application perspective."

To download the report, visit the ExtraHop website at https://assets.extrahop.com/migrated/uploads/EMA_ExtraHop-NAPM-0811_IB.pdf.

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