NSRI USA Reduces Network Troubleshooting by 70% with ExtraHop Networks

IT Division of Global Shipping Company Dramatically Improves Network and Application Performance with ExtraHop's Application Delivery Assurance System

Seattle, WA – March 24, 2009 — ExtraHop Networks, Inc., the first network management company to deliver true application visibility across all seven OSI layers, today announced that NSRI – the IT division of a global Japanese shipping company and one of the world's largest marine transportation providers – has streamlined their application delivery support system through the deployment of ExtraHop's pioneering Application Delivery Assurance system. Since installing the ExtraHop system in their network (which does not require any configuration and takes less than 15 minutes), NRSI has reduced troubleshooting time by more than 70 percent and has improved network and application performance by more than 60 percent.

"The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system is used extensively at NSRI for increased visibility, faster troubleshooting, and ultimately better application performance" said Kurt Shubert, Application Support Manager for NSRI " We have seen outstanding results. ExtraHop has helped us bridge the communication between the application support and network teams, resulting in reduced MTTR, lower operational costs, and improved customer satisfaction." The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system enables NSRI's Application Support and Network Operations teams to share visibility across all key application systems and accelerate the processes of application troubleshooting and system tuning.

The ExtraHop system complements existing network and systems management tools and provides an additional layer of visibility that provides deep insight into application protocols and real-world transactions. This capability enables enterprises to streamline management of mission- critical application environments, reduce the cost of incident management, and maximize service levels. NSRI supports a large number of complex applications that span the globe. To ensure maximum performance and availability, the NSRI team monitors their mission-critical environment 24x7. When issues arise, their Application Support team turns to the ExtraHop system first to get an overall picture of all connected applications, networks, and databases. From there, they navigate to more advanced metrics and transaction-level details to pinpoint the root cause. Since initial deployment of the ExtraHop system, the enhanced visibility and more streamlined process has helped to dramatically increase IT efficiency and reduce time to resolution.

"We created the ExtraHop solution with the goal of helping today's IT organizations do more with less, see deeper into their network, and resolve complex network issues faster," said Jesse Rothstein, CEO for ExtraHop. "The ExtraHop system has been successfully deployed at companies large and small, with proven results for reduced time to resolution and enhanced application performance. By working with customers like NSRI, we are continuing to innovate and deliver on our mission of making IT infrastructure faster and more reliable."

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