ExtraHop Networks Helps Enterprises Ensure the Success of Business-Critical Transactions

Applied Discovery and The Seattle Times deploy ExtraHop's Application Delivery Assurance system to improve application performance and reduce cost

SEATTLE, WA – December 9, 2009 — ExtraHop Networks, Inc., the first network-management company to deliver true application visibility, is helping companies increase revenue and improve business results through its innovative Application Delivery Assurance system. In a banner year for ExtraHop, companies including Applied Discovery and The Seattle Times have turned to ExtraHop to harness IT complexity and deliver higher returns to the business.

Applied Discovery–a division of LexisNexis–is a leading provider of e-discovery services. They operate a complex IT environment where proactive monitoring of all infrastructure layers and intelligent early warnings are critical. When existing tools failed to meet their growing needs, Applied Discovery turned to ExtraHop. "The ExtraHop system is a core component of our proactive monitoring system," said Steven Carlson, Network Support Engineer at Applied Discovery. "It's great for troubleshooting and delivers the complete picture I need to manage my environment."

The Seattle Times Company operates two Northwest-based online news, information, and advertising websites with a collective audience of more than five-million visitors every month. News reporting in the digital age means content teams rely heavily on IT to enable the successful delivery of these core products. ExtraHop strengthens The Seattle Times in its mission by providing a comprehensive view of application and network behavior. "The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system opened up the performance black box for us," said Greg Crosby, Network Services Manager at The Seattle Times. "It provides the visibility we need for tracking down even the toughest problems. ExtraHop delivers tremendous network management capabilities for an excellent return on investment."

As IT complexity has increased, legacy management tools have not kept pace. There are more moving parts, critical applications, new technologies, strategic initiatives, and endless compliance requirements. The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system leverages recent gains in processing power and storage capacity to ensure that business-critical transactions do not fail through simultaneous real-time analysis of all transactions across networks, applications, databases, and storage arrays.

Operating as a passive network device, the ExtraHop system combines the problem-resolution capabilities of Network Performance Managers with the superior application-level visibility of User Experience Monitors to achieve accelerated troubleshooting and proactive early warning for potential problems. "We're very pleased with the overwhelming customer response we've seen in 2009," said ExtraHop CEO Jesse Rothstein. "The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system is being deployed in some of the world's most demanding environments, where even a one-percent intermittent failure rate can mean millions of dollars to the business. ExtraHop helps to dramatically reduce that number, increasing revenue while reducing cost for all of our customers."

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