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Learn what's driving the growth of IT operations analytics and how ITOA is data-driven, borrowing a lot from from Big Data principles.

ExtraHop 5.0 aims to delight by solving our users' most pressing needs in ways that they have not imagined, no mean feat for a forward-looking and savvy IT community.

How to turn raw data from any application into useful metrics with Javascript-based application inspection triggers for improved IT operations analytics.

Read why co-founder and chief analyst at The Bloor Group Robin Bloor believes it's time to make strategic investments in IT operations analytics.

What are tinygrams? When do they arise? Are they a problem? What can I do about them and how do I do it?

Take a minute and a half to learn what wire data is, and why it is the linchpin of successful IT operations analytics (ITOA).

Learn what FHIR is, how it relates to the HL7 protocol, and standards you should know about this new way of exchanging healthcare information electronically.

Eric Sharpsten, CTO of Lockheed Martin's Federal Health practice, discusses how his organization gains visibility in large, dynamic IT environments.

A custom dashboard built to track order fulfillment in a warehouse. In this post, we will show how to build a custom dashboard like this one. At a recent ExtraHop user forum, users asked for guidance…

[This is the second post in a multi-part series, last updated on April 11, 2016. Read the first post: The Big Idea Behind IT Operations Analytics (ITOA): IT Big Data] In my previous article, I…

Some days I just frackin' love what I do. Taking a figurative hammer to the metaphorical tough nut in the form of a complex problem and cracking that baby wide open is just plain fun. Getting to use…

If there's any industry that stands to benefit from IT-enabled insights, it's healthcare. However, traditional methods of analyzing healthcare operations data are costly, rigid, and complex. Clinical…

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