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As 2016 comes to a close, we caught up with our in-house ransomware expert to get his thoughts on what went down this year, and what organizations and consumers should prepare for in 2017 and beyond.

ExtraHop's ransomware solution has been named a finalist for the 2016 Tech Innovator Awards.

Network scanning and port scanning aren't inherently hostile, but they're often used maliciously. Learn to tell the difference between safe and hostile scanning on your network.

Cybercriminals upped their game, so we're upping ours (and yours.) Learn how to detect and stop ransomware automatically.

The DoD needed an innovative approach to address chronic issues in their Electronic Health Records systems. ExtraHop got the call.

We use four detection methods to provide early warning so IT teams can stop ransomware attacks in progress before the damage is done. The methods are...

For intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, we need open, modular cybersecurity systems and platforms.

Why the fundamental building blocks of future security systems will involve platforms.

Forcing a customer to prove their eligibility for support before helping them is wrong. The first question a support engineer asks you on the phone should be...

Ransomware has changed network security. Read why you need to change... or update your resume.

Mapping the cyber terrain for decision superiority while protecting key information and resources.

An NSA honcho spoke out about how to stop the NSA from breaching your network. Here's what he said.

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