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This week on Clouded Judgment, learn about the economics of cloud migration with resident expert Eric Thomas.

Read on to learn how network security analytics will play a critical role in addressing the major SecOps challenges detailed in Mandiant's MTrends report.

You've got questions, we've got answers: learn about cloud security, platforms, migrations, and more with resident expert Eric Thomas.

Learn why Perfect Forward Secrecy is more important than ever, and how IT Ops and SecOps must work together to improve cyber security without losing visibility.

Get inspired with Systems Engineer Heather Gonzales as she shares her experiences and advice around women in STEM!

From her childhood immigration to her current legal career, ExtraHop Corporate Counsel Jeanie Gong shares inspiration and advice for women interested in tech.

Hear from Senior ExtraHop Trainer Lynda Allen on women in tech, inspirational women in her life, and more!

The best way to detect Memcrashed DDoS attacks early is through real-time network monitoring. Learn how from the leaders in real-time security analytics.

Learn how malvertising, or malware-advertising, works, plus steps to avoid becoming a victim.

Learn how to use insights derived from network communications when your commercial application vendors won't help troubleshoot performance issues.

While you can't instrument commercial on-prem and SaaS apps, here's how to derive valuable performance insights from the network.

Get to know the growing underworld of bitcoin mining malware, a growing computer virus trend that turns unsuspecting computers into profitable machines for hackers.

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