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Data growth and public cloud adoption are rapidly forcing the hub and spoke (aka wagon wheel) model out of style. Read the blog to learn how traditional network design compares to hybrid WAN or full mesh models.

If you can't scale your analytics platform to match cloud adoption and unprecedented data growth, you'll be making IT and security decisions based on guesswork. Learn how ExtraHop analyzes over 1 PB of data per day, and why that scalability matters.

This week on Clouded Judgment, learn about the economics of cloud migration with resident expert Eric Thomas.

See how ExtraHop's updated Splunk integration increases efficiency and ease of use, and enables better investigative workflows.

Read on to learn how network security analytics will play a critical role in addressing the major SecOps challenges detailed in Mandiant's MTrends report.

You've got questions, we've got answers: learn about cloud security, platforms, migrations, and more with resident expert Eric Thomas.

This update to ExtraHop's Active Directory bundle makes it easier to monitor and troubleshoot performance and security issues.

As a CIO, I'm aware that the cloud is helping redefine what's possible. But we all know what happens when fools rush in.

Learn what companies need to know about PCI compliance, as seen in Security Boulevard.

This morning it came to our attention that the ExtraHop name is being used as part of a phishing scam involving job postings that are not legitimate postings or in any way associated with ExtraHop.

Learn why Perfect Forward Secrecy is more important than ever, and how IT Ops and SecOps must work together to improve cyber security without losing visibility.

Looking to break into the cyber security market? Here's why you should start on the network team.

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