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Next gen security programs will be measured by dwell time more than any other metric. Here's why.

Learn how Intent Based Networking (IBN) and SD-Branch environments can help NetOps teams support cloud adoption and hybrid networks at massive scale.

Now that PFS is required by TLS 1.3, what happens if ExtraHop customers can't install session forwarding software? Don't worry! Check this guide to learn how to forward session keys from F5 Local Traffic Managers (LTM) to ExtraHop.

In May 2017, WannaCry shook the world in a massively effective ransomware attack affecting 150 countries. One year later, has the tech industry learned its lesson? Check out this CIO Dive interview with ExtraHop's VP of Security and 3 other security experts about what made WannaCry so successful, how the industry has evolved since, and what's next for cyber security and ransomware defense.

If you're in charge of application performance and security, you might be used to thinking of the network as a completely separate animal—but this self-described 'app guy' uses the network to diagnose app problems faster and stop bigger issues. Here's how!

Learn how to use group filters for ExtraHop live activity maps to quickly answer complex, multi-part questions about your network.

Not sure how to maintain IT and security visibility now that TLS 1.3 requires perfect forward secrecy encryption? Watch this webinar (or read the transcript!) for current encryption trends, what's next for TLS 1.3, and how ExtraHop provides an elegant and lightweight solution to the visibility challenge.

This week on Clouded Judgment, Eric talks about the state of public cloud adoption in the enterprise, how organizations can best take advantage of next-generation infrastructure, and the capabilities and shortcomings of cloud provider tooling.

From the truth about machine learning to how scary encryption can be, here are the top 3 takeaways from RSA 2018!

Get the low-down on how to use network security analytics to defend against Russian state-sponsored hackers.

SecOps needs to cut through a lot of hype surrounding security analytics. Read the blog and become a smarter buyer.

Feeling distant from your remote sites? Learn how to adapt distributed networks to boost performance and security.

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