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While you can't instrument commercial on-prem and SaaS apps, here's how to derive valuable performance insights from the network.

Learn how to use insights derived from network communications when your commercial application vendors won't help troubleshoot performance issues.

Get to know the growing underworld of bitcoin mining malware, a growing computer virus trend that turns unsuspecting computers into profitable machines for hackers.

New methods prove it's possible to steal data using only SSL/TLS handshakes. Here's how you can stop it.

Few organizations trust their CMDB fully, so come learn a better way to discover assets and dependencies, as well as measure performance baselines!

ExtraHop has launched Reveal(x), a new security analytics product designed to increase critical asset visibility and automate investigations. Here's how it works.

ExtraHop has launched ExtraHop Reveal(x), a new security analytics product aimed at increasing critical asset visibility and automating investigations.

Thinking of consolidating your data centers? Learn the top three areas you can benefit and how they can play a part in an overall strategy or initiative for your business.

Answering all of your questions about TCP windowing including what it is, scaling issues, congestion, and more. Updated for 2018!

Learn how you can level up your user experience with ExtraHop 7.1!

How to defend against WPAD exploit aPAColypse now

Next gen security programs will be measured by dwell time more than any other metric. Here's why.

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