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Learn about the new features and capabilities of Reveal(x) Summer 2018, the network traffic analyzer that helps SecOps teams act with confidence and resolve threats faster than any other security analytics solution.

See the difference between what ExtraHop Reveal(x) sees and what Darktrace sees—or doesn't see—during a brute force attack and sensitive database compromise.

Instead of viewing the added networking overhead of microservices as a tax, learn how to make it pay off for your business!

What's the real, unsung value of microservices, and how can you take full advantage of this newly popular architecture? Read the blog to find out!

How can your SOC resolve security issues up to 77% faster than anyone else? Check out the visual comparison of automated investigation vs. a multi-tool workflow to find out!

ExtraHop users, there's a nasty new Android worm that spreads via remote debugging services, but don't worry—install this remote ADP connections dashboard to quickly find and shut down at-risk devices.

Network scanning and port scanning aren't inherently hostile, but they're often used maliciously. Learn to tell the difference between safe and hostile scanning on your network.

In part two of this info-packed blog series on how increased encryption is reshaping enterprise security, learn how SecOps can decrypt and analyze encrypted information safely and effectively.

In an effort to rid the world of needless application and network performance slowdowns, we turn to retransmission timeouts (RTOs). What are they and what can you do about them? What Is TCP…

Learn how Reveal(x) and Phantom enable you to automatically investigate potential data exfiltration, vet newly added DNS servers, and block unauthorized database access.

Learn about the serious consequences increasingly encrypted network data has for SecOps teams that rely on analytics—and why most network security vendors aren't helping—in this first blog in a two-part series.

Opportunistic attacks are easy to block, but targeted and advanced attacks take a combo of time, skill, and an integrated security workflow. Learn how Palo Alto Networks and ExtraHop Reveal(x) work together to give you a shortcut for late stage threat hunting!

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