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Instead of viewing the added networking overhead of microservices as a tax, learn how to make it pay off for your business!

What's the real, unsung value of microservices, and how can you take full advantage of this newly popular architecture? Read the blog to find out!

Learn how Intent Based Networking (IBN) and SD-Branch environments can help NetOps teams support cloud adoption and hybrid networks at massive scale.

Now that PFS is required by TLS 1.3, what happens if ExtraHop customers can't install session forwarding software? Don't worry! Check this guide to learn how to forward session keys from F5 Local Traffic Managers (LTM) to ExtraHop.

If you're in charge of application performance and security, you might be used to thinking of the network as a completely separate animal—but this self-described 'app guy' uses the network to diagnose app problems faster and stop bigger issues. Here's how!

Learn how to use group filters for ExtraHop live activity maps to quickly answer complex, multi-part questions about your network.

Not sure how to maintain IT and security visibility now that TLS 1.3 requires perfect forward secrecy encryption? Watch this webinar (or read the transcript!) for current encryption trends, what's next for TLS 1.3, and how ExtraHop provides an elegant and lightweight solution to the visibility challenge.

Feeling distant from your remote sites? Learn how to adapt distributed networks to boost performance and security.

Data growth and public cloud adoption are rapidly forcing the hub and spoke (aka wagon wheel) model out of style. Read the blog to learn how traditional network design compares to hybrid WAN or full mesh models.

How ExtraHop is setting the bar again for enterprise analytics scalability with its unique analysis-first architecture, enabling 1 PB+/day of real-time analysis.

See how ExtraHop's updated Splunk integration increases efficiency and ease of use, and enables better investigative workflows.

This update to ExtraHop's Active Directory bundle makes it easier to monitor and troubleshoot performance and security issues.

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