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How ExtraHop is setting the bar again for enterprise analytics scalability with its unique analysis-first architecture, enabling 1 PB+/day of real-time analysis.

See how ExtraHop's updated Splunk integration increases efficiency and ease of use, and enables better investigative workflows.

As a CIO, I'm aware that the cloud is helping redefine what's possible. But we all know what happens when fools rush in.

This update to ExtraHop's Active Directory bundle makes it easier to monitor and troubleshoot performance and security issues.

Looking to break into the cyber security market? Here's why you should start on the network team.

Learn how one ExtraHop user solved a broken Active Directory login in a matter of minutes!

ExtraHop placed furthest to the right for completeness of vision on Gartner's NPMD MQ for the 2nd year in a row. Here's why I believe we're the next big NPMD success story.

While you can't instrument commercial on-prem and SaaS apps, here's how to derive valuable performance insights from the network.

Learn how to use insights derived from network communications when your commercial application vendors won't help troubleshoot performance issues.

Few organizations trust their CMDB fully, so come learn a better way to discover assets and dependencies, as well as measure performance baselines!

Thinking of consolidating your data centers? Learn the top three areas you can benefit and how they can play a part in an overall strategy or initiative for your business.

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