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Ransomware tops the list of security concerns for healthcare delivery organizations. Here's how one university hospital system in the U.S. tapped into ExtraHop to target this malware.

Partnership to put patient outcomes at the forefront of health IT.

What if a new technique came along that not only performed better, but was easier for people to do? ExtraHop is the new technique IT folks need to know about.

Hospitals can use ExtraHop to parse HL7 data in real-time, creating actionable information to speed up patient flows, bed availability, and more.

A Q&A with longtime healthcare CIO Drex DeFord on how CIOs can test the value of new IT products before buying.

FHIR, the new HL7 standard for interoperability in healthcare data, can revolutionize treatment and improve patient experience. ExtraHop's visibility into FHIR can accelerate the revolution.

Radiology and medical imaging are vital (and profitable) parts of the healthcare system, and they rely heavily on DICOM. Monitoring and optimizing DICOM is critical for success in healthcare.

Learn the basics of the DICOM protocol and how it is used.

The DoD needed an innovative approach to address chronic issues in their Electronic Health Records systems. ExtraHop got the call.

How the healthcare industry's attitudes towards data and health IT analytics are changing.

If an IT vendor ever claims to be "interoperable", you should press them on their definition of the term. Here's why...

Required reading now that the new ICD-10 medical coding standard is required across the U.S.

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