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ExtraHop has just released a new, improved, and officially supported Office 365 bundle that extends the power of wire data and real-time IT ops analytics.

With this newly updated version of the popular Cloud Applications bundle, ExtraHop customers gain real-time visibility into cloud applications with detailed performance metrics and even more control over what you see and how you see it.

Almost 70% of exposed records in 2017 were due to misconfigurations in services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Here's how to be smart and secure on S3.

Instead of viewing the added networking overhead of microservices as a tax, learn how to make it pay off for your business!

What's the real, unsung value of microservices, and how can you take full advantage of this newly popular architecture? Read the blog to find out!

This week on Clouded Judgment, Eric talks about the state of public cloud adoption in the enterprise, how organizations can best take advantage of next-generation infrastructure, and the capabilities and shortcomings of cloud provider tooling.

This week on Clouded Judgment, learn about the economics of cloud migration with resident expert Eric Thomas.

You've got questions, we've got answers: learn about cloud security, platforms, migrations, and more with resident expert Eric Thomas.

As a CIO, I'm aware that the cloud is helping redefine what's possible. But we all know what happens when fools rush in.

The reality in today's data driven IT landscape is that we all want to know basically everything. All the time. Not only do we want to see it all, we want to see it now.

ExtraHop has played a role in our security program at Accolade for a number of years, and now with our new AWS-centric posture, it has an even more critical role to fulfill.

Kirk Punches from Gigamon joins us to discuss how ExtraHop and Gigamon enable IT organizations to tap into their workloads for troubleshooting, capacity planning, security monitoring and other real-time insights in the public cloud.

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