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Zoltan Talaber is a web developer at ExtraHop. As a member of the marketing communications team, he is involved in planning marketing strategy, assisting with the creation of content and design for the site, and engineering the resulting pages. So if you don't like something on this site, you can harass Zoltan about it. And then he'll probably blame Zach.

Posts by Zoltan Talaber

  • If you're in charge of a marketing website or just curious about the development process, learn from our pitfalls and successes as we document the migration of our website to a different tool. In this post, Zoltan is hired on to join Zach in web production and discusses the problems with the site he encounters.

  • What's the difference between TCP and HTTP? How do they both work, and how do they work together? Read the blog for definitions of both protocols as well as a breakdown of what makes them different.

  • How do you go from being a business major with a casual interest in computer science to landing a job as a web developer in the highly competitive Seattle tech scene? Here's how I did it, at least.

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