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Artificial Intelligence: A Relative Reality

Separate Fact from Fiction in this SC Solutions Report

Vendors across the security spectrum claim that their products have artificial intelligence (AI) "baked in." But how much of what they say is hype, and how much describes technology that actually makes their products better?

If you're struggling to differentiate between the two, or if you want to take the temperature of CISOs, vendors, and analysts regarding AI, check out the new SC Solutions Technology Research Report "Artificial Intelligence: A Relative Reality".

In the report, you'll learn about the difference between machine learning (ML) and AI, plus get information on what's working and what needs to improve. Experts were impressed with ML for detecting anomalies indicative of intrusion and phishing attempts, but they cautioned that AI is still a work in progress.

The report breaks down AI use cases into five categories of security product, including network detection and response (NDR), which they classify as network performance monitoring and intrusion detection. Vendors in each of those categories describe how their products use AI or ML for security.

Experts also discuss the promise of AI and ML, give tips on how to ensure products that leverage AI or ML work as intended, offer data security questions everyone should ask, and provide recommendations about what you should know before buying.

Download Artificial Intelligence: A Relative Reality today to learn more.

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