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Reveal(x) Cloud Ultra + Amazon Web Services

Get to Ground Truth Without Agents

Quickly taking investigations from threat detection to forensic evidence has been a major challenge for security teams that lack access to continuous packet capture (PCAP) in the cloud.

With the introduction of ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud Ultra, you can now take an analytics-first approach to securing workloads in the cloud. And because it's a SaaS-based solution, Reveal(x) Cloud Ultra is provisioned and managed by ExtraHop, reducing cost and complexity for you.

Reveal(x) Cloud Ultra leverages Amazon Traffic Mirroring to capture, inspect, and analyze full packets of network traffic flowing across your Amazon VPCs.

Available as a 1Gbps and 5Gbps offering in early 2020 on AWS Marketplace, Reveal(x) Cloud Ultra gives your team the granularity they need to get to ground truth while reducing time, effort, and expense.

Cloud Network Packets or It Didn't Happen

When you're limited to log data as evidence during a security incident investigation, the insights you can gain will also be limited. And for too long, those limits were the security cost of doing business in the cloud.

With the introduction of the only SaaS-based PCAP solution in the cloud, ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud Ultra equips you with all the full-fidelity data you need to drill down to forensic evidence.

Reveal(x) Cloud Ultra eliminates trial-and-error investigations by connecting real-time metadata with packets to filter by a metric, transaction, or user. This enables you to start and end investigations in ExtraHop.

All the contextual information you need to take a global view or dig deeper into a digital transaction is stored in packets in your Amazon VPC. And you can ditch the swivel chair because access to robust packets is available through the intuitive Reveal(x) Cloud Ultra user interface.

Armed with full PCAP—the ultimate source of truth in the cloud—you can now investigate incidents with speed and confidence. And with a bi-directional integration that supports the automated quarantine of compromised Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances, you can protect business-critical data and applications with response automation from Reveal(x) Cloud based on your security policies.

Visit our Reveal(x) Cloud web page to learn more about our breakthrough security solution, as well as get information about our free 30-day trial.

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